We integrate and align all of the projects moving parts in your ever demanding wheel house.

An ad hoc team of experts that collaborate across the planet, we give our clients a competitive edge

We pride ourselves in the original, clever and innovative ways we are able to communicate your brand message to those who will most appreciate it. You’re targeted. Our differentiators are a highly effective turnkey service which facilitates all aspects of your revenue building while working in tandem with your in-house team.

Meet the Team

Business Partners

Holmes Stoner- Partner –  Co-Founder Co-Modeco -Founder Pacific Rim Business Council.

Francois Huynh – Partner- Media Director of Press-AdAvenueGroup -Forbes France – Founder

Kevin Barillas – Intake specialist in sustainable real estate & affordable housing, Digital Content Producer and screenwriter.

Cristiane Roget -Partner -Creative Director –  Press -Media & Public Relations  – Co-Founder Co-Modeco

Douglas Hardin -Miami
Entertainment Impresario, Masterful Public & Hospitality Relations, Information Technology Specialist.


Dr. Tina Miranda, MD – Associate Co-Modeco- Director of Medical Facilities -Tele Medicine

Mohamed Hassan – Associate – Visual Media Asset – North Africa – Sudan -Canada Specialist

Jennifer Sclafani  –  Associate –  Business Development – Immersive Events – Real Estate Expert

Steve Eubanks – Associate – VP of Sales – USA – Central Africa- Co-Director of Marketing Co-Modeco


Juan Carlos Gomez- Advisor -Renewable Energy Specialist – Developer Panama

Victoria Diaz – Interior Designer – Boutique Kitchen & Bath – Specialist in Luxury Pre manufactured Habitats

Andrea Guardino – Advisor – Los Angeles Based – Early Adapter Co-Modeco – Co Founder of VIPictures

Kacie Schweikhardt – UC Santa Barbara Graduate, Eco & Green Fashion Merchandiser and Advocate, Specializing in Digital Marketing

Tony Lopez- Alternative Living Spaces- Co-Founder- General Contractor – Builder – Las Vegas , Nevada


Nova Villanueva – Professor in Robotics & AI – Graphic Designer – VIPictures –  Creative Director

Bill (“ThAdon”) Luza Designer / Principal – Objet Design / Highlandoaks Properties — Expert in Green/Systems

Zoraya Gomez Jelke – Admin Logistical Coordinator- Developer in Panama -Co-modeco Advocate

Michael Guinzburg – Los Angeles VP  Sales & Brand building Author – Director  – Early Adapter Green Construction

Ed Villanueva –  Business Services – Syrunner

Joseph Lu – Toronto Environmentally conscious entrepreneur – health advocate -Philanthropist Real estate & an Angel investor with largest investment network in Toronto, Canada.

Peter Hanna – Egypt – Miami Specializing in the formulation of luxury products for treatment and prevention, White label
and branding

Dr. Dana Churchill – Los Angeles
For all those concerned about Covid-19 Dr. Dana is available
for tele medicine consultations. Integrated – Functional Health

Pierre Conille- Partner – V.P. Director of Business Development – Investor -Technical Coordinator

to our clients

Privately owned operated by Cristiane Roget, Founder.

 Our commitment to our clients is to provide a unique experience beyond their expectations, guided by their specifications and budget constraints.

Cristiane Roget

Our Partners

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We integrate and align all of the projects moving parts
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