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Alain Bismut , a noted Los Angeles screenwriter and producer of Parisian descent, partnered with Cristiane Roget’s, Producer’s Resource in 1999.  He went on to produce  numerous Television programs and national commercials.  He was a segment co-producer of the nationally syndicated  Inside EditionAmerican Journal and commercial editorial for  Vogue, Mirabella, Pepsi Cola Fashion with Cindy Crawford and Andre Agassi andMatrix- Elite, Look of The Year ™. 

Bismut is the recipient of Frances’ equivalent to the Academy Award, The Meilleur Scenariste  Prize for his original screenplay , “The Turc”.  Canal + has committed  $500,000  toward the underwriting of his original screenplay.

As President and Founder of Paris based,  DOC SCENARIO, a bi-lingual consultancy he provides both beginning and seasoned screenwriters with constructive analysis.  DOC SCENARIO brings objective analysis of premise, plot, character development, dialogue, structure, format and production values to further enhance many  prestige projects.

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