Vipictures - Art Design Production Agency - Boca Raton

Andrea Guardino

Of Italian and German descent, Andrea Guardino brings to V.I.Pictures, her parents D.N.A. that combines a sophisticated creative perspective from her Sicilian father and incisive business acumen from her German mother.

A Washington D.C. native she graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Fashion in June 1994. She augmented her studies with stints at the University of California (Los Angeles) with courses in Entertainment, Publicity and Journalism.  She subsidized her studies with acting roles, modeling and as a television spokes- person.

She hit the professional ground running as an Account Executive with Niche Media, one of the world’s leading fashion magazines.  Relocating to Los Angeles she was brought on board as Bloomindales Assistant Manager representing the Marc Jacobs Collection.

In full career stride she was recruited by Market Wire, Inc. in Los Angeles. From 1993 to 1996 she oversaw the circulation of corporate press releases and media advisories cultivating relationships with leading newspapers, broadcast outlets, newswires, consumer and trade public-ations, analyst terminal systems, social media outlets, web sites and online databases around the globe. Her ranking was in the top 20% of the entire sales force.

Stints as an Account Executive for Risen Magazine (a cool, hip based brand) Guardino  generated sales leads and closed on a number of natio-nal accounts. She later joined the Justus Group one of the nations’s leading firm in PR and non- profit fundraising firms.

She began her collaboration with Vector International Pictures in 2004.  At the helm of the Public Relations Division, she is credited with putting the ‘glamour’ in their many events and fundraisers. In some circles Vector IP in Los Angeles became a byword for desirability, offering up the most aspirational and hedonistic kind of events and promotional campaigns. A triathlon and yoga instructor Andrea is the personification of allure, dangerous, sexy, and modern always on the edge of the next ‘must have’ classic.