Art Basil 12 -Takes Center Stage Saturday, December 3, University of Miami Master Exhibit & Sunday, December 4 & Multi-Media Expression Reception at The Wynwood Building, Miami, Miami 33127

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A person smiling for the camera Description automatically generated with medium confidenceNovember 29 – 2022 – For Immediate Release – Cristiane Roget- Sr. Correspondent – France-EIN Presswire

Miami/FL “From empowering art curated by Robbie Long of Live24HRS, a Dream Space art and social justice and world renowned Salvatore Zagami , From a focus on where eco-friendly fashion embracing new converts that include industry leaders making pledges to sustainability a the most recent COP in Egypt last month to accelerated material innovation, literature by Mahogany Publishing with spoken word, musical performances, and chefs’ demos of culinary artistry utilizing foraged ingredients are planned for the 12th Annual experience,” according to Celia Evans co-creator of the debut in 2009 in association with live24Red Dot Fair and Steve Levine of Steady 70 and Getty

Art Basil showrunner Robbie Long, of Live24HRS, further states from countless people to todays thought leaders acknowledge a growing realization that climate change and environmental preservation is as much about social equity as it is about carbon footprints.

An exhibition showcasing Afrofuturic art by Kali Studios, world acclaimed Salvatore Zagami, poetry by Angel White, an enlightening panel on environment reboots from Compact Modular Eco Homes by V,Studio Inc. and Big River RE meets Basil infused amuse bouche to be paired with Signature Cocktails at the Kiki Basil Bar ™ is slated to coincide with the 20th Annual Art Basel – Miami 2022.



WHERE: 2750 NW 3rd AVE, MIAMI -WYNWOOD , FLORIDA. 33127 , STREET PARKING. & Co-Modeco (Compact Modular Eco Homes), Live24HRS, Vector International Pictures and media partners Planet Fashion TV spear, AdAvenueGroup-Forbes France, EINPresswire and Zrills invite Art Enthusiasts, Collectors and Cultural Connoisseurs to join breakout contemporary artists and captivating multimedia installations that run the gamut from couture ‘fashion’ to ‘fabulous’ at the nexus of fine art, spoken word and environmental advocacy.

Raising the volume on voices that matter from Mahogany Pen Publishing a book signing and engaging panel is planned. Among those exhibiting are , Kalifxs – Afrofuturism with Hair architecture Artistry by Joy Watts. Also on prominent exhibit will be the works of Salvatore Zagami and tentatively Yan Luis Bergareche. They will join thought leaders and visionary developers of 21st century habitats and leaders in eco green lifestyles.

Dylan Pukel Esq will be providing musical accompaniment, ambiance and is known as a multifaceted being that is here to assist the proliferation of a harmonious human race in the universe. He is joined by Lisa Ray co-author of “Love Your Haters” will be recording her national podcast live throughout the proceedings in association with Meishan Guarri, Founder of PrintopiaUSA and the genius of a new historically relevant studio in Ft Lauderdale’s burgeoning Art District.

Guests are invited to sample, imbibe and celebrate at the iconic zebra striped Wynwood Building’s VStudio with host Victoria Diaz, of Co-Modeco Homes. Master mixologists will be serving their rendition of the Signature Basil infused cocktails by the bespoke Kiki™ hand-crafted Vodka with luxury promotion by the 11 Captain’s Club with a branded NFT. Art, Eco friendly Product Activations are slated . Executive Production is being provided by Andrew Kutno, Partner at Media Ingenious . The dynamic Kat Nowak of Katalystic Development Incorporated will be on hand to host.

Art Basil was inspired by the iconoclastic Charlie Coiner and Jonathan Roussell of Rock Garden Herbs in 2012. The ad hoc ‘Basil’ brand was launched in the company of George Billis, of Red Dot fame and New York – Los Angeles Gallerist with Celia Evans, Executive Producer of Planet Fashion TV and most recently Monaco and New York Sustainable Fashion Week’s. The inspiring Art Basil exhibit’s also present a captivating Chef’s showcase and demonstration to be announced at an upcoming press ‘reveal’ along with a full complement of live entertainment.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 6pm to 9pm The University of Miami unfurls their Exhibition at the Wynwood Building in honor of Art Basel Miami Beach. The Department of Art and Art History presents New Works featuring artwork of students earning their Master’s in Fine Arts. Works on display include photography, printmaking, painting, ceramics and more. The MFA program is a 60-credit, three-year program resulting in a terminal degree that both prepares students to enter the professional, studio art world and qualifies them for college teaching. The program is highly competitive, with applicants coming from across the country and around the world. A MUST Attend! Details ; 305- 284-3161 office

SUNDAY – DECEMBER 4 – 4pm to 9pm will highlight Dreamspace, social justice and art experience promises to be a standout occasion in a distracted and overcrowded world. From an eclectic group of artists who are inspired by dignity, empathy, and nature (or utilize nature as a raw material in their compositions) ArtBasil’s creators encourage humankind to act as stewards of our dwindling natural world.



Center Stage is KALIFXS, multifaceted Digital creator, who brings to ArtBasil surrealism + afrofuturism. kalifxs “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” inspired by my favorite painting “The Persistence of Memory” inspired by Salvador Dali.

A $25 donation for commemorative, vintage glassware provides guests with complimentary, premium libations from Kiki signature cocktails for those who purchase an admission pass in advance.

Culinary artistry will be presented by Marco Antonio Boyer and Meaghan Monroe of Heal.Estate and Chef Oshun with fresh foraged elixir , will present swoon worthy amuse bouche’s foraged from local surroundings and indigenous ingredients that incorporate varietals of Basil courtesy of ArtBasil Founders, Rock Garden Herbs ™, the nation’s most respected purveyor of fresh grown edible herbs.

From empowering art curated by Robbie Long of Live24HRS, Dream Space art and social justice to world renowned Salvatore Zagami the focus of is where eco-friendly fashion, lifestyles, art and culinary artistry  embraces new converts of a more sustainable lifestyle.  This includes industry leaders making pledges to sustainability at the most recent COP in Egypt to literature by Mahogany Publishing with spoken word, musical performances, and chefs’ demos utilizing foraged ingredients are slated.

The12th Annual experience,”according to Celia Evans co-creator of the debut in 2009 in association with Red Dot Fair and Steve Levine of Steady 70/Getty Images joins Art Basil showrunner’s Robbie Long of Live24HRS.  “Our collective goal from countless people to today’s thought leaders acknowledge a growing realization that climate change and environmental preservation is as much about social equity as it is about carbon footprints”.


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A picture containing person, person, indoor Description automatically generatedARTISTS ON DISPLAY The renowned Sculptor and multimedia artist SALVATORE ZAGAMI, father of Chemical Line Imagery and virtual photography. He has exhibited in the company of Fernando Botero, Kenny Scharf, Andrew Wyeth and Frank Stella as pictured. On display will be his ‘psychological’ works steeped in sensuality. Zagami speaks of a world view, “Making my art is my only way to participate in the world. It is better to create than destroy. Destruction is simple. People who create rather than destroy are evolving into the architects of our society and the standard bearers of our hopeful future. ” Zagami pictured here with Frank Stella.

To Be Announced. YANLUIS BERGARECHE a masterful futuristic realist is something of a rock star in the cosmopolitan Havana , Cuba . Bergareche relies on a profound connection with the nature of things. He depicts a world that is off kilter and out of sync with the natural harmony that is life itself. This prescience is evident in his breathtaking obras exhibited to coincide with ArtBasel – Miami, an event and art fair that has its genesis in a celebration and veneration of Latin Art, from Botero to Bergareche.

Behind a visage of Zen like calm, Bergareche is an artist that commands his craft with imagery of roiling complexity. Bergareche is a startling milestone on the darkly lit road once traveled by the likes of H.R. Giger a friend and kind and gentle soul, Bosch, Brueghel, Lovecraft, Poe and Kafka.

We are at a nexus of survival of this curious species or what seems our inevitable demise…as TS Elliot mused “this is the world ends , this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper…

Photo Andy “Le Bistro” and Gordon Ramsay Art 2 was Founded in 2012 in part by Celia Evans , Cristiane Roget of VIPictures, Steve Levine, distinguished New York based photographer and Charlie Coiner of Rock Garden Herbs and in association with George Billis of Red Dot Fair. Celia has been the creative engine of countless global events that include New York Sustainable Fashion Week, Monaco Fashion Week and ongoing Miami based Swim Week Top tier affairs. As founder and CEO of Planet Fashion TV she is a master at production whether it be in music, video, photographic campaigns, events or tech activations. She seamlessly organizes and delivers on creative projects. Her goal has always been to bring unique talent together and cutting-edge ideas forward. Her involvement in will be to produce and integrate underwriters (sponsors) collateral we collectively create to advance the visibility of participating brands and companies.

Co-Modeco -Compact Modular Eco Homes are for the first time arriving in South Florida on January 1, 2023. They will be available for acquisition at the Co-Modeco show room in the Little River Industrial zone, Miami, FL 33138 The indestructible, eco-friendly , cold pressed steel dwellings can be delivered turnkey with interior and exterior build out by V.Studio Inc., specialists in eco-friendly kitchens , baths , closets and fixtures.

A group of people posing for a photo Description automatically generatedWhether the goal is to alleviate a chronic problem of housing shortage, emergency relief or to attain the aspirational dream of home ownership, PR- Cascon Modular Eco Homes ( are now available as an affordable, turnkey solution.

Live24 Hours – Robbie Long is the founder of Live24HRs, an experiential marketing agency based in Philadelphia specializing in producing high-end socially driven events and memorable experiences for brands. Live24HRS’ most recent event was “Dream Space Social Justice & Art Experience” which showcased the work of black and brown artists including Iris Bonner of “These Pink Lips.” From art exhibitions to Robbie Long has worked on major productions such Black Cannabis Week in Philadelphia, Fashion Week 2021 and Sustainable Swim Week 2021 in Miami.

Logo Description automatically generatedKiKi Vodka originating in Philadelphia, PA has taken a ready, aim, fire approach to the rollout of their premium vodka. With Damion Smith at the helm in association with uber marketeer Robbie Long these marketing and hospitality professional trailblazers have also gotten the corner on the burgeoning cannabis industry. Damion Smith, co- founder of Kiki Vodka ™ gluten free, vegan and kosher refined premium spirits. The duo has created a platform to curate community, exploring innovative art, publishing , fashion and music. Initiatives bring together legacy markets, entrepreneurs, executives, and enthusiasts around across the nation. They produce private events and activations, concerts and festivals including most recently Roots Picnic 2022. Robbie and Damion dedicate much of their time to community members through Frontline Dads to mentor men and families to overcome recidivism.

Logo Description automatically generatedKOOL BAMBOO- You may remember William at the Eco Village at Ultra Fest in 2011. Move forward to the present he is still plying his trade as one of the world’s foremeost purveyors of Bamboo. An incredibly renewable and versatile crop. Although it’s tough like wood, it’s actually a type of grass and some species can grow by over a meter a day. So brew a cup of tea, kick back and watch Kool Bamboo ™grow! The crop requires very little water and doesn’t need to be sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Come see a the assembly of a utilitarian space in two hours!

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Art Basil 12 -Takes Center Stage Saturday, December 3, University of Miami Master Exhibit & Sunday, December 4 & Multi-Media Expression Reception at The Wynwood Building, Miami, Miami 33127

EVENTBRITE November 29 – 2022 – For Immediate Release – Cristiane Roget- Sr. Correspondent – France-EIN Presswire Miami/FL “From empowering art curated by

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