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Bolt Gets Bad Wrap As He Spins Olympic Gold On The Green & Behind the Deck…

 South Florida —If the headlines are to believed Usain Bolt’s has transformed himself into a bolder version than the one he evidenced at last year’s Hollywood Hard Rock luncheon that was  sponsored in part by the bling bling  (and now defunct) Silver Dagger apparel line. 

As Bolt bandies about that he is ‘the world’s greatest athlete’ one is reminded of James Cameron’s claim “I am king of the world! ”.  Upon accepting his eleventh Oscar for the tent pole epic ‘Titanic’ that is now in re-release  ‘King James’ brandished the golden statuette while simultaneously holding himself up to the derision of press and audiences alike.

Bolt, may be getting a bad rap from former Olympiads, like Bruce Jenner’s who smirked that Bolt  is “delusional”.

However this observer (having spent countless hours with Bolt and his entourage at the Hard Rock’s luncheon and concert last year) can confirm, “That this rapper does not deserve a bad rap. Bolt (the tallest in blue at the back of this photo) is a soft spoken Jamaican;  modest to a fault, gracious and a crowd pleaser.  Whether a sprinter on the green or deejay on the deck he is dignified and unassuming.  Get him on the mic is another story.  He packs them to the sound of raucous applause.

After all Bolts bragging rights are well deserved , unlike Cameron who had the backing of  a cast or crew in the thousands, Bolt sprinted to fame with only a pair of track shoes to support him.

His solo act lays claim to the only athlete in history to have ever won consecutive gold medals in London and Beijing in the 100 and 200 meters and in the 4×100 relay in two consecutive Olympic Games.  Go Ahead Bolt brag a bit, you deserve it!

Submitted August 15, 2012 by Cristiane Roget

(left to right) Usain Bolt, Cristiane Roget, Gino  of Local Hotspots.