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February 21-24 el ñosh | South Beach Marriott Ocean Terrace

Food Nourishes the Soul as famed Chefs Greenspan and Trevino mash-up Caribbean and Jewish Culinary Traditions. Ay! Caramba Meets Oy! Vey! 


February 21 Thursday- by Invitation Only Party & VIP Gathering 6PM on
February 22-24 Prix Fixed Menu, Signature Spirits, Ribald fun and frivolity. Informal Modeling by Nicole Shelly Models, Special Appearances by Ms. International World  and Ms. Latina International. 3PM-10:30 PM Friday and SAturday and 3PM – & 7 PM Sunday with closing ceremony.


Marriott Hotel on South Beach. Ocean View Terrace 161 Ocean Drive, 33139.  RSVP required 310-220-9118 or Lauren Sheftell 310-502-9199


ñosh I south beach Star Chefs, Eric Greenspan and Roberto Trevino in association with other outstanding mixologists and chefs will trace back to a common Mediterranean root Caribbean and Jewish Culinary traditions. A masterful mix and match menu will be paired with the finest liquid libations at the ñosh I south beach Pop Up Restaurant and Lounge that will feature signature cocktails, informal modeling by couture designers, sizzling salsa and ribald fun under the stars.

Who: Brought to you, in  part, by the luxurious Marriott properties, Cook Shop,Inc., Greenspan Restaurants, Inc. with promotion and publicity powered by, Vector International Pictures.  TBA Film by Christian Johnston and Laura Jean Lockett of Complex

Miami Beach, FL The connection between Latino American and Jewish culinary traditions may seem incongruous. Blame it on the Inquisition. This February 21-24 the makers of the euphemistically named ñosh I south beach will challenge the conventional definition of Jewish and Latin Cuisine while demonstrating a mash up of many popular dishes evolved from a shared Mediterranean root.

ñosh I south beach is set to coincide with the hallmark SoBe Food & Wine Festival  at the South Beach Marriott beach front property.   Renowned Chef Eric  Greenspan of  The Foundry on Melrose (nominated by Conde Nast Traveler and James Beard as one of the ‘Best New Restaurant’s in America’) will join fellow restaurateur Chef Roberto Trevino,  acclaimed television personality who’s four San Juan , Puerto Rico eateries for fine dining were recently featured in The New York Times, Gourmet and Bon Appétit in a jubilant celebration of fine food, sizzling  music,  au courant fashion and luxe libations.

The daring duo will unveil a menu that breaks new ground in paying homage to two distinct culinary traditions; one Latin Caribbean the other Jewish Middle Eastern.  Guests, gourmands, press and epicurean celebs are already clamoring for reservations at Trevino and Greenspan’s ribald ‘pop-up style’ restaurant and table side performances with plans to be filmed by acclaimed documentarian Christian Johnston of 

The four night affaire, powered by Trevino and Miguel Balbi’s Cook Shop, Inc,  Greenspan’s Foundation Horpitality Group  and will unfold on the breath-taking Ocean View Terrace 161 Ocean Drive, South Beach , Florida 33139.    

The prix fixe dinner menu features Latin + Jewish Fusion and gourmet bar nosh tapas that at once will surprise, make perfect sense and provoke sighs of bliss.  Ay, Caramba! meets Oy vey! 

The inventive Matzo Ball Feijoada (pronounced fay-ZWAH-da) complemented by small dishes of sautéed mustard greens, salted corned beef, manioc flour are garnished with sweet bits of crackling  tongue and wedges of blood orange is evocative of the dishes being created. A one pot concoction, Feijoada grew from humble beginnings consisting of scraps from the aristocrats tables to emerge as Brazil’s delectable national dish of choice.

Guests are invited to sample an abundance of a la carte appetizers. One may wonder why no one, until now, has thought of Arroz con Pollo Knishes, Yucca Latkes with crème agria and home-style mango jam or Pastrami & Dill pickle Croquetas with a smear of savory horseradish mustard sauce. Barkeeps and mixologists prepping novel twists on sponsored signature cocktails such as celery sodas, mint mojitos, egg creams and aphrodisiac caiprinhas to pair with the pastime.

Culinary origins may not repeat themselves but at times they hum a familiar tune. The Jewish-Latin connection may at first seem tenuous.  A bit of research confirms that the Spanish Jews and Muslim Moors brought to the New World the essential ingredients that make up the most popular Latin dishes; eggplant, rice, spinach, oranges, cane sugar, dates, cumin, cinnamon and saffron. Even the ubiquitous black beans and rice are known as ‘Moors and Christianos’.

The New World provided an almost ludicrous variety of new produce, fruit, seafood and seasonings to replenish Renaissance pantries; including potatoes, chocolate, tomatoes, peanuts, peppers and even tapioca.  Native Latinos and transplanted Africans who toiled in the kitchens of the vast plantations were Florida’s original culinary curators.  What better place to kick off than SoBe’s Food and Wine Festival?

ñosh Isouth beach recalls a time when saffron steamed arroz con pollo was  indistinguishable to the paella of Granada’s Sephardim community. Trevino and Greenspan will combine native Latin and traditional Jewish ingredients with a heaping helping of ingenuity to devise dishes that mix and match and are brought to life by acclaimed chefs.

ñosh I south beach and,  a fully faceted design and promotion consultancy, share the spirit of a time when social gatherings were not ‘friendings’ on Facebook and Spam.  Community interaction was defined with picnics serving the other canned ‘spam’, green jello  molds at open houses with family and friends.  ñosh Isouth beach brings together culinary wizards long separated from their diners by a kitchen door and centuries of decorum to advance the notion that, ‘food shared is food paired with memories and moments savored’.   Fin.

The event has received enthusiastic support from underwriters Corona and Negra Modelo from Crown Imports, Miami Club  Rum, Kim Crawford Wines and the rich Don Q Rum.    Special guest appearances are being presented by Ms. Latina International, Ms. International World and informal modeling by Nicole Shelly Models.