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Genius On Hold & Cocktail Reception Honoring Walter L. Shaw

Scroll Down for Media Alert. By-invitation-only Press, Media and VIP cocktail commemorates GENIUS ON HOLD, and Official Entry in the 17th Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival.

You are invited to meet Walter T. Shaw. at a cocktail reception and press gathering Sunday, April 15, 5:30-7:30 PM at Yaacov Heller's Gallery 22, 320 Esplanade located @ Royal Palm Plaza, East Boca Florida, 33432

Palm Beach County/FL . April 11, 2012-For Immediate Release
The 17th Palm Beach Int’l unspools a Genius On Hold with VIP Press Cocktail Reception to follow Sunday, April 15, 2012 Honoring the late Walter L. Shaw with Guest of Honor Walter T. Shaw

As this 17th edition of the Palm Beach International Film Festival unspools; one film in particular speaks volumes about the current chipping away at First Amendment rights to Free Speech.
The recent public outcry (as evidenced during the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and the defeat of proposed, web based legislation /Stop On Line Piracy-SOPA and the ProtectIP Act-PIPA) attests to the fact ‘Privacy and Free Speech’ at best may be misnomers. That said infringement on Privacy and Free Speech are red hot buttons and burn bright a half a century after the saga of Walter L. Shaw, inventor and American icon.

Shaw is the key subject in the searing documentary, Genius on Hold, a true ‘David and Goliath’ tale. It is the epic story of Walter L. Shaw, an engineering genius who was taken down by Senator Joe McCarthy and his henchmen.

“Just as Las Vegas is the only sizable city on earth that exists on one invention -air-conditioning, without Walter Shaw’s multiple inventions; advanced communication technology would not exist today as we know it.”

The maligned subject of this explosive documentary, Shaw has 39 patents to his credit that include the burglar alarm that automatically calls the police, hands free speaker phone, a black box toll free calling device, voice recognition, call forwarding and the predecessor to the touch tone key pad.

The awesome power of popular movements in the face of tyranny whether on a soap box, Shaw’s 1950’s rotary phone, or today’s super speed web all attest to the awesome power of populist movements.


See festival schedule at for screening details.

Hosted by Be Advanced- Phoenix Capitol, Potions in Motion and the Steinway Gallery invited guests include the Festival’s Press Corp, Media Representatives, Publicists, Filmmakers, Festival Executives and Festival Team Volunteers, Frank Vincent, Nicole Shelly Models and representatives from Tony Bonjiovi’s Record Label. Appetizers and liquid libations by SX Liquors and Potions in Motion, Soprano Wines. Dress appropriate.