Vipictures - Art Design Production Agency - Boca Raton

Our prodigious artistic talent. Excelling at the top of her class of 2008 in Media Arts (motion graphics, web design, illustration, graphic design) and animation, she ‘graduated with honors and was awarded ‘Best Portfolio of 2008’.  Her father, a programming analytic, team leader for AMEX insisted she master the mechanics of computers around the time most little girls were learning to tie their Mary Janes.

Nova Villanueva, in association with V.I.P excels as an Art Director, Animator, Web Designer, Instructor and World Traveler. Influenced early on by a rich tradition of film, theater and art, she studied at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation.

Working as a 3D Animator and Artist for the world’s leading animatic commercial pre-production company, Animatic Media and later as a a Game Artist for the Webby Award winner strategy game, Mafia Wars.

Referred to in ‘geek speak’ as ‘computer wiz’ she combines the most advanced,  technical tools and a keen visual sense to create alchemy of illusion and powerful sales,  marketing tools for our clients.