Vipictures - Art Design Production Agency - Boca Raton

kacie_j_livesFrom a long line of educators Kacie Schweikhardt combines her ability to execute complex, sophisticated and beautifully orchestrated events, fashion pastimes and philanthropic endeavors. She serves as V.I.P’s New York liaison.

Of French, German & Scottish descent her perspective is global, bringing refreshing and robust creativity and imagination to all of her undertakings.

Educated at the University of Santa Barbara she quickly adapted to the lush & vibrant California surroundings and became involved in events around Los Angeles with V.I.P. The most notable at the Hollywood Race Track, a massive fundraiser in support of Stem Cell Research, where 5 World Sports Champions hosted.

Kacie has also collaborated with V.I.Pictures on the SOBE Food & Wine Festival, the New York and Florida Premiere of ‘The Illusionist’ starring Ed Norton and Emily Blount with production by Joey Horovitz and Bob Yari. She is a fashionista par excellence & has collaborated with design teams across the country.

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