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Leonardo DiCaprio recipient of the Annual ‘Socially Responsible Conservationist Award’

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Los Angeles, Ca – The 6th Annual New Media Film Festival embraces all visual mediums from the past, present and future. This year features a slate of films that continue to define the best in visual narratives and technology.  Confirms Susan Johnston, Founder and Director, “Our goal is to foster independence and risk taking. We aim to engage a diverse audience with programming that is immersive, cutting edge and meant to inspire, motivate and ultimately connect us all.”

New Media Film Festival continues to reinvent the genre as the first film festival in history to screen films shot on camera, mobile phones, tablets, drones, iPods or a combination thereof. As a champion and curator of independent stories for the screen, this year’s slate includes premieres from the USA, Japan, Poland, Italy, Canada, Australia and more. Showcasing personal stories with universal themes, the Festival is “On the leading edge of visual media with a forum where artists and technology can meld and thrive without barriers,” confirms multiple award winner Randy Bellous.

NMFF honors Leonardo DiCaprio with the ‘Socially Responsible Conservationist Award’ for efforts to steward the planet’s remaining wildernesses via the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

At the forefront of implementing solutions to create harmonious relations between humanity and nature, DiCaprio appears in the opening scenes of “Worst Shark Attack Ever” part of the ‘SRC – Socially Responsible Content Category’. Veronica Grey, Director & Int’l Surfing Champion will be accepting.

With over 90 New Media Films & Content screenings in 20 categories, book ended by three stalwart panels and red carpet events; this year’s program promises to captivate and intrigue guests and participants alike.

This year’s unrivaled mix emanates from international auteurs (not as readily known by non-cineastes) to the uber filmmakers of the moment.  The inimitable screening schedule and robust panels will debut Tuesday June 9 at 6pm at the legendary Los Angeles Landmark Theater at 10850 W. Pico Blvd. LA CA  90064. Opening night commences with a stroll on the red carpet and the Los Angeles Premiere of the pilot “Merry Xmas”, a sure-fire crowd pleaser, directed by Boman Modine, son of Matthew.

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