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Many Mini Miami Meet-Ups Go Global With PaperWater Productions Live Streams – Calendar At A Glance

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Many Mini Miami Meet-Ups Go Global With PaperWater Productions Live Streams – Calendar At A Glance

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by Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent – AdAvenueGroup – Forbes – France.

Miami/FL Join Compact Modular Eco Homes – EatUp Events – and MiaPods in celebration of World Rainforest DayInt’l Day of the Tropics – Make Music Miami – Fete de la Musique with global pop-up gatherings  sanctioned by the United Nations to be Streamed live to a Million ‘friends’ and opt in unique ‘subscribers’.

If you are unable to attend the Many Mini Gatherings are to be LIVE STREAMED

Sunday- June 21 4pm + 11pm -Art-Appatha and The New Yorker Boutique Hotel
Monday- June 22 4pm + 11pm Center For Sub Tropical Affairs- Brickell Area Restaurants
Sunday – June 28 11am to 3pm Mia Pods – joins – Pompano Beach

June 21- Sunday-Allapattah Historic Neighborhood

1pm-4pm   “Art-Appattah” NW 28th Street & NW 7th Avenue (next to Las Rosas) 33127

Iris Tattoo Art Mural Debut -A Verdant Jungle w Endangered Species
Nature Walk About – Neighborhood Cleanup -Scavenger Hunt –
New Yorker Cafe with Complimentary Patisserie by Master Baker- Johann Tremor

r.s.v.p. [email protected]

7pm -11:30pm (After Party) the New Yorker Hotel 6500 Biscayne Blvd – MiMo 33138

La Fete de Musique Continues
Piece de Resistance mini Film Festival ‘Films So Real They Feel Like a Revolution’
by Giamarco Allesandri – Sine Qua Non Film -London
Music Performances -Celebrated DJ’s
Featured DJ:DJ GNO @gnouniverse

Host: Fab C. -@fab_c

Featured Artists: 

Yes Julz – @yesjulz
Millah – @millahoficial,
Vikana– @vikanamusic
Jahzel Dotel – @jahzeldotel
Paper Water – @paperwater
Marquise Fair – @marquisefair
Psychic Dove – @psychidove
9000 Suns -@9000suns
Douglas Quarteze – @douglasquarteze
Ob1 @obihunnid
Kevin Dabs @kevindabs
Jolie @_joliemusic
HouseMan : Dj ShaO – @armandomesa_

Sponsored Signature Cocktails by Hendricks Gin ™ and Grant & Williams Pass Around “Amuse Bouche” by Master Baker Johann Tremor. Gourmet Coffee Service by ‘Oro’ de Puerto Rico, “taste the Sunshine”. $10 donation – 501c3 -RSVP a must – [email protected] or [email protected]


June 22 – Monday -The Center For SubTropical Affairs -Ironside
11am to 4pm. The Center for Subtropical Affairs  7145 NW 1st Ct, Miami, FL 33150

“A meander through a secret garden does the body & soul good”

Join the conversation :

University of Miami (RSMAS)
Miami On Sight Sustainable Fashion – Trunk Show
Akyumen Industries (AI ™ – ‘Phones From the Future’
Aalto HyperBaric Oxygen Clinic– Breathe
Optimal Health & Wellness – Nutritional Logevity – New Life Institute.
Green Growers – Unforgettable Events – Unparraelled Space.
In A PC World How to Endure – Adabt – Evolve

5PM – 7:30PM

Walk & Grub & –

Brickell area Participating Restaurants & Eateries
Delectable – Delightful- Dig in
Ride Public Transportation it is FREE!


Mia Pods_Co-Modeco-Eat Up - Iris Tattoo.jpg

June 28-29 Sunday & Monday 11AM – 3PM Each day

BY INVITATION ONLY – Champagne Press Reception –
The World’s first ‘Home Store’! 9 Showmodels –
Imagined Living for the 21st Century
Compact Modular Eco Homes on Display
Pompano Beach- Fl 33069 – RSVP a Must -310-220-9118


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 June 15 , 2020 -Media Alert 1 – For Immediate Release


In The Aftermath Of B.C. * Environmental Activists Re – Build P.C. * Relations , Advocacy and Health Intelligence – to the Beat of Our Times- Sunday June 21 – Monday – June 22 & Sunday – June 28

* BC before covid
*PC post covid


Roget Head shot Tattoo Art_Kenneth_ Rustin _ C.jpg by Sr. Correspondent Cristiane Roget , AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France

Miami, Fl/ What better way to move on from the three-month global “time out” than celebrating World Rainforest Day, International Day of the Tropics and Make Music Miami in association with Fete de la Musique ?

PRODUCERS – PARTICIPANTS Book ended between the third and fourth week in June, Inc., ReallyCoolLandscapes, MiaPods of Pompano Beach and Compact Modular Eco Homes (Co-Modeco) are joined by social networks and community activists to meet the new needs of those around them with a Jungle and endangered species Iris Artist Mural ‘Reveal’.

Sunday June 21 – Pass by from 1pm to 4pm in the Las Rosas – Co-Modeco – Laguna – Daily’s Plaza on NW 28th Street & NW 7th Avenue. Art-Appatah Mural Debut by Iris Tattoo –

Many mutual aid groups have sprung up for three day’s of Mini Many Gatherings to Be Stream Live to A Million More. With the specter of unemployment  and escalating availability of health care and affordable sustainable housing ad hoc groups have formed to help build a better planet for all.

EatUp Events, ArtBasil, Iris Tattoo Artists, Chef Johann Tremore of the New Yorker Boutique Hotel and Pastisserie , Walk & Grub, the Pacific Rim Business Council , PaperWater Productions an ad hoc collective of ‘creatives’ are producing throughout the Southland ‘Many Mini Meet & Greets’.

Organizers have volunteered to provide marketing, press and promotion for independently owned businesses and sole proprietors who are facing an insecure and challenging future.

The media campaign and Many Mini Meet & Greets were underwritten, in part, by the ‘phone from the future’ Akyumen ™ Industries (AI) smart phone + high intensity projector combo. Guests are also celebrating the Grand Opening of Aalto HyperBaric Oxygen Clinic’s in Beverly Hills/Century City with an established and life changing destination in Margate.

“The schedule is fluid as this city wide collaboration grows and evolves almost daily. Though all inclusive gatherings, guests must adhere to physical distancing protocols”, says respected impresario, producer and performing artist Douglas Quartese – Hardin. “The Guest lists, with regrets , must be strictly adhered with caution is still de rigueur. On that note we are not completely checking out on Life under a cloud of gloom, doom and imposed isolation”.

MEDIA MEDIA PARTNERS Mini Many Gatherings is slated to coincide with a global launch of Akyumen ™ smart phones with an evolutionary projector feature. according to Aasim Saied, tech guru and founder of Akyumen, “In a time when society has become almost entirely dependent on digital output for social engagement and over 10 years in rigorous research and development, the fact that Akyumen’s™ proprietary technology is finally available for market is nothing short of prescient!” “Point Akyumen’s Projector Phone at any wall and project a movie with one click of button on high resolution.” “In a new era of physical distancing Akyumen’s ™ real time visual assets elevates a high tech novelty into a welcome social imperative,” says Victor Roman an early adapter and financial wizard.

Mini Media Partners will reach millions with live streams on and (

The Live Stream Link is:

NovaVillan the nom de plume of Nova Laura Villanueva who is currently authoring a book on ‘video game building’ and teaches AI and Robotics at some of New York’s most prestigious institutions of learning, Kim Calhoun of IBM TV will be one of many celebrated online hosts joined by Miriam Campos, 3rd in line for Maxim Magazine’s 2020 Cover Girl.  Kenneth Springer  of @IrisTattoo Art’s with 365 thousand “friends” are awaiting an invitation to view the live stream.  Francois Huynh’s , Founder of AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France will be launching Many Mini press campaigns utilizing strategic alliances with Agility, Cision, Meltwater news aggrigators. AdAvenueGroup can boast 1.8 million news writers, influencers and bloggers on their downline. All this press and media visibility serves as a boom for sponsors, underwriters and partners who are reinventing themselves in a volatile and fluid economy.

Also  jumping into the fray is spokes model Lisa Sussman.  As a Woman of Achievement US Ambassador she is working on a local to global mission  to create solutions in sustainable housing.  Lisa will be covering “Many Mini Meet & Greets” as Editor in Chief  of WOA Magazine and  International Director of UCI Bahamas.  

MailChimp _ Mural with Logos.jpg Says Kenneth Springer Founder of Iris Tattoo Art of Wynwood and Buenos Aires, “Even though each Many Mini Gathering adheres to the mandate of “distancing”, people are social beings and these events offer a welcome respite for pent up , shack wacky South Floridians”.

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