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A Sudanese native and award winning filmmaker, Mohamed Hassan,
is the son of renowned journalist and political activist Abdullah Hassan.  Advocates of human rights and democratic principles;  the family was forced to flee the Sudanese military junta.  Mohamed and his family are currently residing as political refugees in Canada.

Mohamed graduated with honors from the Toronto Film School where he excelled as a cameraman and director on numerous projects.  Mohamed has collaborated with Vector International Pictures on several feature length documentaries, including DARFUR, FROM DESPAIR TO HOPE, finished and available for distribution.  Works in progress include THE ROAD OF 40 and most recently LIKE, FATHER, LIKE SON.

He has earned an enviable reputation producing, directing or shooting short films, commercials, music video, corporate video, and feature docu-mentaries with luminaries and actors who include Morgan Freeman, An-gelina Jolie, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice, among others.

Mohamed immerses himself in the root causes of the conflict that has been declared by the United Nations, “as the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st Century while documenting the day to day experience of life on the edge in Darfur, Sudan.”

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