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Leonardo DiCaprio recipient of the Annual ‘Socially Responsible Conservationist Award’

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Los Angeles, Ca – The 6th Annual New Media Film Festival embraces all visual mediums from the past, present and future. This year features a slate of films that continue to define the best in visual narratives and technology.  Confirms Susan Johnston, Founder and Director, “Our goal is to foster independence and risk taking. We aim to engage a diverse audience with programming that is immersive, cutting edge and meant to inspire, motivate and ultimately connect us all.”

New Media Film Festival continues to reinvent the genre as the first film festival in history to screen films shot on camera, mobile phones, tablets, drones, iPods or a combination thereof. As a champion and curator of independent stories for the screen, this year’s slate includes premieres from the USA, Japan, Poland, Italy, Canada, Australia and more. Showcasing personal stories with universal themes, the Festival is “On the leading edge of visual media with a forum where artists and technology can meld and thrive without barriers,” confirms multiple award winner Randy Bellous.

NMFF honors Leonardo DiCaprio with the ‘Socially Responsible Conservationist Award’ for efforts to steward the planet’s remaining wildernesses via the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

At the forefront of implementing solutions to create harmonious relations between humanity and nature, DiCaprio appears in the opening scenes of “Worst Shark Attack Ever” part of the ‘SRC – Socially Responsible Content Category’. Veronica Grey, Director & Int’l Surfing Champion will be accepting.

With over 90 New Media Films & Content screenings in 20 categories, book ended by three stalwart panels and red carpet events; this year’s program promises to captivate and intrigue guests and participants alike.

This year’s unrivaled mix emanates from international auteurs (not as readily known by non-cineastes) to the uber filmmakers of the moment.  The inimitable screening schedule and robust panels will debut Tuesday June 9 at 6pm at the legendary Los Angeles Landmark Theater at 10850 W. Pico Blvd. LA CA  90064. Opening night commences with a stroll on the red carpet and the Los Angeles Premiere of the pilot “Merry Xmas”, a sure-fire crowd pleaser, directed by Boman Modine, son of Matthew.

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Francois Huynh-Founder AdAvenue Group, Andrea Guardino & Cristiane Roget, Vector International Pictures, Announces strategic alliance with AdAvenue Group

Andrew Levitas – A Talented Triple Threat – Sculpture – Photag & Film Director Debuts at Blueshift Project

Andrew Levitas – A Talented Triple Threat – Sculpture – Photag & Film Director Debuts at Blueshift Project

MIAMI, FL – July 11-20, 2015 Blueshift Wynwood curated by Eduardo Burillo announced Andrew Levitas: Metalwork Playground, the artist’s first solo exhibition in…

Launch of Elite Med-Spa Precided over by Dr. John G. Sarris, DMD. PA & Bryce Castellano

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Necessity was the Mother of Invention Behind the Launch of  South Florida’s Elite Med-Spa.  It was “necessity” that gave impetus to the creation of Elite Med-Spa an associated branch of Elite Smile Designs, the regions’ top specialists in cosmetic, celebrity driven dentistry and full mouth rejuvenation.  “The practice presided over by Dr. John G. Sarris, D.M.D. P.A. has for over two decades upheld a credo, ‘that the quality of care be fully comprehensive and peerless’, according to Elite Smile Design’s Business and Brand Manager, Bryce Castellanos.

Distinguished as one of the most advanced cosmetic dental practices here and abroad,  Elite Smile Design’s , Dr. John G. Sarris, D.M.D. PA,  has served as a leading purveyor of full mouth restoration and comprehensive cosmetic dentistry with practices in New York, Pennsylvania and the Palm Beaches.

“When patients receive treatments that include permanent implants, TMJ  (Temporomandibular Joint Therapy), orthodontic teeth straightening and replacement bridges the jaw area undergoes a noticeable degree of youthful realignment.  With Elite Med-Spa’s injectable serums  Botox™ and Juvéderm™  the transformation to the countenance is complete. The jaw line is tightened with reduced sagging of the jowl area and those nasty crows feet and eye hoods are lifted.  For a youthful and freshened up transformation that is organic rather than invasive, visit for an almost immediate, fully balanced rehab without the cost and the down time.

Source: an ABnewswire exclusive by Cristiane Roget

February 21-24 el ñosh | South Beach Marriott Ocean Terrace

Food Nourishes the Soul as famed Chefs Greenspan and Trevino mash-up Caribbean and Jewish Culinary Traditions. Ay! Caramba Meets Oy! Vey! 


February 21 Thursday- by Invitation Only Party & VIP Gathering 6PM on
February 22-24 Prix Fixed Menu, Signature Spirits, Ribald fun and frivolity. Informal Modeling by Nicole Shelly Models, Special Appearances by Ms. International World  and Ms. Latina International. 3PM-10:30 PM Friday and SAturday and 3PM – & 7 PM Sunday with closing ceremony.


Marriott Hotel on South Beach. Ocean View Terrace 161 Ocean Drive, 33139.  RSVP required 310-220-9118 or Lauren Sheftell 310-502-9199


ñosh I south beach Star Chefs, Eric Greenspan and Roberto Trevino in association with other outstanding mixologists and chefs will trace back to a common Mediterranean root Caribbean and Jewish Culinary traditions. A masterful mix and match menu will be paired with the finest liquid libations at the ñosh I south beach Pop Up Restaurant and Lounge that will feature signature cocktails, informal modeling by couture designers, sizzling salsa and ribald fun under the stars.

Who: Brought to you, in  part, by the luxurious Marriott properties, Cook Shop,Inc., Greenspan Restaurants, Inc. with promotion and publicity powered by, Vector International Pictures.  TBA Film by Christian Johnston and Laura Jean Lockett of Complex

Miami Beach, FL The connection between Latino American and Jewish culinary traditions may seem incongruous. Blame it on the Inquisition. This February 21-24 the makers of the euphemistically named ñosh I south beach will challenge the conventional definition of Jewish and Latin Cuisine while demonstrating a mash up of many popular dishes evolved from a shared Mediterranean root.

ñosh I south beach is set to coincide with the hallmark SoBe Food & Wine Festival  at the South Beach Marriott beach front property.   Renowned Chef Eric  Greenspan of  The Foundry on Melrose (nominated by Conde Nast Traveler and James Beard as one of the ‘Best New Restaurant’s in America’) will join fellow restaurateur Chef Roberto Trevino,  acclaimed television personality who’s four San Juan , Puerto Rico eateries for fine dining were recently featured in The New York Times, Gourmet and Bon Appétit in a jubilant celebration of fine food, sizzling  music,  au courant fashion and luxe libations.

The daring duo will unveil a menu that breaks new ground in paying homage to two distinct culinary traditions; one Latin Caribbean the other Jewish Middle Eastern.  Guests, gourmands, press and epicurean celebs are already clamoring for reservations at Trevino and Greenspan’s ribald ‘pop-up style’ restaurant and table side performances with plans to be filmed by acclaimed documentarian Christian Johnston of 

The four night affaire, powered by Trevino and Miguel Balbi’s Cook Shop, Inc,  Greenspan’s Foundation Horpitality Group  and will unfold on the breath-taking Ocean View Terrace 161 Ocean Drive, South Beach , Florida 33139.    

The prix fixe dinner menu features Latin + Jewish Fusion and gourmet bar nosh tapas that at once will surprise, make perfect sense and provoke sighs of bliss.  Ay, Caramba! meets Oy vey! 

The inventive Matzo Ball Feijoada (pronounced fay-ZWAH-da) complemented by small dishes of sautéed mustard greens, salted corned beef, manioc flour are garnished with sweet bits of crackling  tongue and wedges of blood orange is evocative of the dishes being created. A one pot concoction, Feijoada grew from humble beginnings consisting of scraps from the aristocrats tables to emerge as Brazil’s delectable national dish of choice.

Guests are invited to sample an abundance of a la carte appetizers. One may wonder why no one, until now, has thought of Arroz con Pollo Knishes, Yucca Latkes with crème agria and home-style mango jam or Pastrami & Dill pickle Croquetas with a smear of savory horseradish mustard sauce. Barkeeps and mixologists prepping novel twists on sponsored signature cocktails such as celery sodas, mint mojitos, egg creams and aphrodisiac caiprinhas to pair with the pastime.

Culinary origins may not repeat themselves but at times they hum a familiar tune. The Jewish-Latin connection may at first seem tenuous.  A bit of research confirms that the Spanish Jews and Muslim Moors brought to the New World the essential ingredients that make up the most popular Latin dishes; eggplant, rice, spinach, oranges, cane sugar, dates, cumin, cinnamon and saffron. Even the ubiquitous black beans and rice are known as ‘Moors and Christianos’.

The New World provided an almost ludicrous variety of new produce, fruit, seafood and seasonings to replenish Renaissance pantries; including potatoes, chocolate, tomatoes, peanuts, peppers and even tapioca.  Native Latinos and transplanted Africans who toiled in the kitchens of the vast plantations were Florida’s original culinary curators.  What better place to kick off than SoBe’s Food and Wine Festival?

ñosh Isouth beach recalls a time when saffron steamed arroz con pollo was  indistinguishable to the paella of Granada’s Sephardim community. Trevino and Greenspan will combine native Latin and traditional Jewish ingredients with a heaping helping of ingenuity to devise dishes that mix and match and are brought to life by acclaimed chefs.

ñosh I south beach and,  a fully faceted design and promotion consultancy, share the spirit of a time when social gatherings were not ‘friendings’ on Facebook and Spam.  Community interaction was defined with picnics serving the other canned ‘spam’, green jello  molds at open houses with family and friends.  ñosh Isouth beach brings together culinary wizards long separated from their diners by a kitchen door and centuries of decorum to advance the notion that, ‘food shared is food paired with memories and moments savored’.   Fin.

The event has received enthusiastic support from underwriters Corona and Negra Modelo from Crown Imports, Miami Club  Rum, Kim Crawford Wines and the rich Don Q Rum.    Special guest appearances are being presented by Ms. Latina International, Ms. International World and informal modeling by Nicole Shelly Models.  

Art Basil, 2012 Galleries to Dine For – A Feast for the Eyes

By Cristiane Roget (  ) Miami Beach, FL- The connection between the euphemistically named Art Basil ( and Art Basel/Art Miami…


December 7, 2012 Art Basil Night II

The moveable feast re-emerged the second night in the heart of the Wynwood District on Red Dot’s unadorned wooden deck that had little natural lighting. Cloaked in the ambiant darkness the three headed sculptures by the comly Argentine sculptress Cecilia Lueza  glowed in the dark.  With fresh orchids by interior designer Ines Naftali Florals and Events; the activity unfolded under a canopy of full moon and stars.

 Spirits of the Tsars Vodka ™ reappeared to complement free flowing vintage reserve wines by vintners J. Lohr, Papi, and YaYa.  The night evolved into a love affair between off-the-grid, thought provoking art, and stellar global cuisine.

Elin Trousdale, doyenne at Lighthouse Point’s Le Bistro/  (called by Zagat one of the top 10 French in South Florida) and a triumphant survivor of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares was accompanied by Tai Dempster onto the culinary stage. Lip smacking rosettes of Florida snapper crudo, featuring a bouquet of julienne baby carrots on a disk of hand cured chorizo and deep red radish were topped with a drizzle of zesty habanero dressing.

Direct from stints in Manhattan’s most acclaimed kitchens, Chef Deniz with her nine-month baby, Aiden, on her hip, displayed ‘Performance Art under duress’. An afternoon absorbed in art overload was more enticing with Deniz’s delicate mélange of succulent Maine lobster, Basmati rice, micro basil, cumin, pine nuts (Turkish not Chinese) fresh Rock Garden mint and sumac rolled into tubes of tender Khashman cabbage.

Gerdy Rodriguez, Restaurant Group’s chief consultant & restaurateur and his bella Senora presented the finish of Mexican Chocolate Flan Caramel, Cayenne-Cocoa Crumble, and Cinnamon Ice Cream. Carumba!

Allied Kitchens ™ supplied the only kitchen convenience  Allied brothers Bill  and Joe Feinberg accompanied by the  second generation Michael Feinberg rolled in a massive, one-ton marble table.  Their mobile custom island is replete with an imported slab of  Cesar stone quartz, top drawer Viking range grill and the rectangle island fashioned from 2nd growth zabrano wood imported directly from Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo. The finely hewed hulk was rolled onto the Red Dot’s unadorned wooded deck with ease.

Without the benefit of running water, electrical lighting, or cutlery, the three presenting chef’s epicurean mastery was even more evident. Red Dot’s George Bill is could barely show restraint when it came to tasting and testing the dishes that were visibly smart and stunning.

The main nod to a thematic affinity was George’s, Wynwood Old World Cigar Lounge with Julio hand rolling fragrant tobacco leaves into redolent cigars on the spot.


December 6, 2012 – Art Basil Night I

Art Basil’s opening night unfolded at La Gloutennerie’s Vintage Kitchen, a two story, free standing eatery surrounded by a lush garden in the most southern point of South Beach. The posh dining destination is grounded in the tradition of a French boulangerie replete with retro blanc et noir photos gracing the walls, artisanal cheeses under glass counters, and a salumi bar reminiscent of a family style Trattoria in Roma’s Piazza Novana.

Chef Christian Testa and sous chef Aurelin feted the elegantly attired guests with their version of show-stopping  ‘cicchetti’ (tapa like plates served in Venetian bars). With ingredients that included a salmon mousse, a squeeze of Florida citrus, a dab of basil pesto, savory gazpacho, and buttery flakes of Parmigiano-Reggiano.  Spirits of the Tsars, the vodka world’s newest top drawer ‘reveal’ was served and is being called ‘perhaps the best liquor ever made’ by Vodka Buzz.   From yachtsmen Mark Owens and Chris Nolan, the Spirits of the Tsars is an infusion of rare pear, apple and Madagascar vanilla was served to adoring denizens of the night in crystal flutes fashioned in the Ukraine.  The exclusive gathering commemorated the launch of with Spirits of the Tsars hand crafted bottles  replete with more 24 carat gold than rapper Kanye West’s front teeth.

Future  Gatherings to be posted within days.  Visit us soon for the new confirmed Calendar.


Miami Beach, Wynwood District-Florida The connection between the euphemistically named ‘ArtBasil’ ( and Art Basel/Art Miami may seem tenuous. Guests attending the three hallmark ArtBasil affaires unanimously agreed on  one cohesive point,  “that serious ‘art’ appreciation was made more palatable with Master Chefs sampling their made on-the-spot ‘gourmet bites’ prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs and paired with stellar spirits and libations!”.

Celebrating its 11th year December 5-9, 2012, Art Basel (and Art Miami) permeated South Florida once again with the intoxicating aroma of turpentine, rampant commercialism, horn blaring grid lock and galleries jammed like clown cars.  The unbridled success of ArtBasil was predicated on the immutable fact that no matter how sophisticated or primary the activity everyone still must ‘eat’.

ArtBasil’s creators and cultivators served up global artistic culture through a prism of  finley prepared food and hand crafted libations to share, awe, and inspire as a homage to the vision and perseverance of Art Basel-Art Miamis’ founders.

Eschewing the idea of a cohesive brand, the ad hoc ArtBasil gatherings stand united in their defiance of any singular definition. Guests in attendance were as earnest in the manner of the Slow Food Movement, commercial as a tradeshow and jocular as a good-time gang bent on debauchery.

Embracing the legend of ‘Rock Soup’, where from a simple stone sustenance is born, ‘Basilites’ have one discernible mission.  States  Getty Global Assignments photographer and ArtBasil co-founder,  Steve Levine,  “We are an informal collective advancing the preservation of our fragile planet through resourcefulness and sustainable initiatives.  In other words FINE FOOD + LIQUOR = PARTY”.

The coterie of participants and media attending ArtBasil combined their love for contemporary art with moments of epicurean bliss.   Whetting appetites were exhibits that questioned gender polemics at the La Rete Art Projects’, ‘Boys or Girls? Who cares?’, Mauro Nicoletti’s consistently minimal Magazzino installations ( and Peter Anton’s experimental ‘Sugar and Gomorrah’, a reworked Carnival Ride.   Countering Art Basil’s basic principle of  ‘waste not, want not’ there were ubiquitous displays of  gluttony in the way of obscenely priced Picasso’s  and Dali’s.

Chefs participating in the premiere ArtBasil rallied with a quantifiable reevaluation of how the food and beverage industry is interacting with the environment.  All along the food and beverage chain, fine food purveyors are donning ‘green genes’.  There is a new found understanding of what needs to be done to economize for survivals sake. This shift is evident in the way menu items are sourced, kitchens are run, and waste is dispensed with.  Participating chefs created menus and pairings that were designed to turn heads and invoke sighs of bliss.

ArtBasil reckons back to a time when social gatherings were not ‘friendings’ on Facebook and spam.  Community interaction was defined with picnics serving the other ‘spam’ and open houses with family and friends were just an excuse to break out the ice, , light up and enjoy each  others company.  ArtBasil brings together culinary wizards long separated from their di

December 2, 2012 Save the Dates
Greetings. Culinary Art Basil’s Media, Press and Advocates,
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Art Basil’s 3 three celebrations/gatherings are of an intimate nature. Please resist the temptation to post your invitation on your respective social media outlets until after the fact.
however. Please feel free to circulate this ‘SAVE THE DATE’ among your valued friends, family,professional colleagues and fellow media partners.
Please submit your RSVP list at least 12 hours before the event. to (Any Art Week/ Press Member with Credential is invited to cover the affaire, rsvp please) Watch the Home page for Current Calendar. (Schedule)

ners by a kitchen door and centuries of decorum to advance the notion that, ‘food shared is food paired with memories and moments savored’.                                                                                                                             

Steve Levine of Steady 70, principles from Vector International Pictures , Celia Evans of PlanetFashionTV and RestaurantProducer’s Jerry Prendergast launched the idea of ArtBasil on November 10, 2012 drawing inspiration from Charlie Coiner and Jonathan Rousseau at the helm of Rock Garden Herbs.

With over capacity attendance at each gathering, ArtBasil collaborators are assured their unique recipe of  “pairing food with art and film is a winning formula that has already garnered an enthusiastic following of foodies and fans, ” confirms Production Manager Katherine Danaher Chade.

By-invitation-only Art patrons and Red Dot’s exhibitors were joined by a bonafide Princess, Sheikh H. of Dubai, and Stefan and Sandy Segal, two generations of the family owned Atlantic Coast Developers.  Their ACD team has built some of the Caribbean and South Florida’s most luxurious resorts and golf courses.  Rumors floated around that the CEO of Zagat Guide had covertly ‘popped’ in to rub shoulders with a cadre of art students craving a bit of sustenance to augment their meager diets of Maruchan Ramen Noodles. 

To launch the ArtBasil visual reality and brand Nova Villanueva of  devised show stopping artistic direction and graphics.  Rhiana Hritz, led up the production team with assistance from Stewart Simmons, Nic Sharas and Elliot Schrib.  Photographers Emmanuel Salvant, Christina Strong and Don Parchment captured the colorful proceedings on their digital cameras.

Having recorded the likes of the ‘the 21st Century Doors’ and ‘the Four Tops’;  Jim Kalamasz, of the legendary Spectrum Studios produced the audio portion of live performances and endorsements that were heard over the din of munching and crunching.   Brett Miller blogged and provided on-the-spot ideas to keep guests and sponsors happy, while the respected Law Firm of Steve Rossi provided appreciative kudos and taste testing combined with helpful legal consul.

Future ArtBasil gatherings are in the hopper and will be announced within days.

By Cristiane Roget (

Edit Provided by Elin Trousdale, of Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point.


The essence of Culinary Art Basil, “is respecting and appreciating the source of all finer things life bestows on us.  Channeling the spirit of the First Thanksgiving where Native Americans staved off the starvation of the first wave of European settlers to Plymouth, Art Basilites also espouse that nothing be taken for granted “,  opines this author and co-founder of the premiere Art Basil Culinary ( Gatherings.

Ongoing associations continue to be forged with Rock Garden Herbs (perhaps one of the world’s largest purveyors of fresh growing herbs) and Spirits of the Tsars.  The two companies join a cast of chefs to underwriters to collaborate on A.B.C. Gatherings,   movable feasts as Celebrations of Fine Food and Libations that permeate all facets of culture and culinary arts.

Sandy and Stefan Segall of the Grand Palms Golf & Resort and Atlantic Coast Construction Building & Development Corp  were supportive.  ACBD Group  has earned an enviable reputation over three generations as developers of some of the most sought after resort investments in South Florida and the Caribbean.  ACBD Group  has earned an enviable reputation over the past three generations as a company is built on a solid foundation of impeccable business practices and creators of stellar international,  up market developments.

Providing the ambiance for Art Basil’s ‘by invitation’ gatherings of press corp members and invited guests are Rock Gardens‘  Charlie Coiner, Jonathan Rousseau, Jeff Bruff and Creative Directors  Ti and Bill Squire.  The venues will be festooned with pots of fresh herbs to inspire and savour.

Spirits of the TSARS is history in the making. If legends are to be believed theirs is a good tale. to know more.

According to Chris Nolan, one of the Tsars triumvirate and founder Mark Owens, “the Spirits of the TSARS liquid gold  arrived on American shores to coincide with the auspicious launch of  the first Art Basil, the USA Presidential Election and the changing of the guard in Mainland China.   With the departure of the status quo hardliner and top Chinese leader Hu Jintao,  optimism abounds that positive trade relations will continue to exist between the Donkey and the Tiger for the coming years.

Politics aside, the makers of  Spirits of the TSARS claim that whether the times are ‘lean’ or ‘abundant’ there will always be connoisseurs (here and abroad) that strive to indulge and embrace the ‘finer’ things life bestows; no matter one’s personal balance sheet.

At $300.00 + per bottle and with ‘bottle service’ starting at 1000 large this is a brand being built by and for a loyal following.   Spirit of the Tsars,  no matter the price,  is made for those that demand the very best,  irrespective of the cost of the desired item.

Spirits of the Tsars is hand crafted for that  rarefied  ‘1%’  who ply their trade in the corner office or dust it in the wee hours.

Sandra from Trinidad, a member of the hospitality staff at the beautiful re-appointed Westin Diplomat in Hollywood and aristocratic Santiago Woll the Diplomat Host were equally awestruck by the Spirit of the TSARS gold encrusted bottle that glinted on our table in the grand lobby.

Wrapped around the golden, crystal clear liquid is a collectible, one-of- a kind  sculpted bottle.  Emblazoned with gold leaf , the Spirit of the Tsars bottle shimmered  and sparkled in the glint of an Atlantic sunset, not unlike a crown jewel.

Spirits of the Tsars  harkens back to the time of  Empress Katherine and the Enlightenment.  A time when from St. Petersburg to Siberia ‘Vodka’ was referred to as simply ‘Voda’ – loosely translated ‘the Water of Life’.

This life giving liquid is meticulously gleamed from ingredients that comprise a rare phylum of apple, essence of Madagascar vanilla bean that must be shaved by hand (not unlike harvesting saffron one stamen at a time) steeped in an infusion of pear nectar and aged to perfection in cognac casks of oak wood.  sweet Spring harvested wheat is distilled six (6 ) times and is like nothing Vodka connoisseurs have ever savored   In the sage words of Robert Brodrecht ,This may be the best liquor ever made“.

Watch this column for a visual rendering of the bottle from Steve Levine at

Posted. Cristiane Roget November 27, 2012

Art Basil Miami 2012 – December 6, 7 & 8

South Florida/Palm Beach. For Immediate Release, November 19, 2012.

From small seeds do mighty oaks (and palm trees) grow. As Art Basel and Art Miami enter into a 2nd decade December 5-9, the two intertwined Art extravaganzas forge ahead as an unrivaled testament to tenacity. The 2nd has been created in honoraria of the 2 events endurance and the vision of the Art Basel founders Trudi Bruckner, Balz Hilt, and Ernst Beyeler.

Representatives of,, and will present on December 6, 7 and 8 distinguished chefs, legendary cooks and masterful mixologists who will exhibit their culinary art and creations to invited guests and media representatives.  Joining this gastronomic adventure are Elin and Andy Trousdale, who’s Zagat rated restaurant ‘Le Bistro‘ was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in Lighthouse Point.

Likened to performance Art Gerdy Rodriguez representing the Restaurant Group, Le Cordon Bleu Executive Chef at the Porch Cafe on Ocean Drive Todd Webster (an advocate of sourcing locally) and the TBA Chef from the most see South Beach  dining destination La Gloutonnerie Restaurant with a visit by Restaurant Producer’s Jerry Prendergast plan to join master Mixologists for these pop-up events.  In their own unique way this stellar cast will embrace ‘Novo’ globalization and prevalent SoFla culinary influences originating in the Americas, Native Americas , the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and Mexico), Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean

Art Basel has earned an enviable reputation as one of the world’s most jubilant and fresh gatherings of Contemporary Art found anywhere since perhaps the post hunt gatherings that took place in the Spanish caves of El Castillo or France’s Chauvet region some 40,000 years ago.

Art Basel combines vision and imagination while embracing a culture that allows for  unbridled freedom and spontaneity.   As of this writing an estimated 65,000 guests, countless artists, collectors, curators, international press, celebrities and trend setters are packing their Tumi’s and backpacks in preparation of an annual pilgrimage to South Florida.  For one week visitors will immerse themselves in a sun dappled canvas of azure blues, events, hoopla and 1000 gallery exhibitions. To whit, visit curated by owner Mauro Nicoletti.

Each Art Basil performance will feature recipes prepared with ingredients culled from the finest local  food purveyors and growers to include Joe Selvaggio’s PDF Foods, Mak Khashman’s exotic fruits and farm fresh vegetable’s, Mozzarita Cheeses, Orchid Island Juices, Milos Virgin Olive Oil, and Yanni Diassinnos’ Maine Lobsters Live all seasoned with the 16 varietals of  potted Basil courtesy of Rock Garden Herbs in Doral.  Alluring and exotic flower arrangements and interiors will be provided by Interior Designs and Exotic Flowers.

Chefs and Mixologists will pay homage to the diversified cuisine and libations that are an integral part of South Florida’s global cross roads. One part entertainment and one part serious epicurean gastronomy; Guests will learn how to prepare show-stopping gourmet recipes paired with today’s au courant signature cocktails comprised of  Dean Sharp’s Aqua Lytes – Artesian Spring Water infused with Electrolytes, Fine Wines and Premium Spirits .

*Watch this web site for updates, venues and news. – Cristiane Roget 310-220-9118