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The Skinny on ‘My Skinny Senorita’, Sugar-Free, Guilt-Free, Alcohol-Free, Five Calories

by Cristiane Roget


Boca Raton, FL. My Skinny Senorita ™, the world’s first sugar free, guilt free, five calorie Margarita, Daiquiri and  Mojito Mix is set to debut from partners Howard Helfant and James Guistolisi. Effective August 15, 2011, My Skinny Senorita ™ will be available for national and international distribution through Hot Shot Beverage, LLC or may be purchased online at  My Skinny Senorita ™ joins the company’s growing portfolio of ultra premium, non alcoholic, cocktail mixers that features the award-winning, Howie’s Ultra Premium Hot Shot Tomato Slammer.


Leveraging over two decades in the highly competitive restaurant and product development industries, the My Skinny Senorita ™ co-founders aim to set a new standard of excellence in the premium non-alcoholic mixer category.


Intent on replicating the recent success of Howie’s Hot Shot Ultra Premium Tomato Slammer, the makers of My Skinny Senorita ™ anticipate a meteoric rise in demand among bartenders, mixologists, chefs and tastemakers  as the ‘must have’ Margarita, Daiquiri  and Mojito Mix.  Sales of their superlative, naturally flavored Bloody Mary Mix and marinade tripled every quarter since its launch in 2010.  Howard and James are confident that beverage gourmands, diet and health conscious imbibers and non-drinkers will embrace the My Skinny Senorita ™ brand.


Unlike other brands that include sometimes lower grade alcohol, the makers of My Skinny Senorita ™ invite the customer to add their favorite alcohol with the added benefit of only a five calorie increase.  Whereas the average 3.3 oz. margarita has a whopping 740 calories the My Skinny Senorita equivalent tips the scale at 98 calories for the tequila and the My Skinny Senorita Margarita Mix.


“Creating My Skinny Senorita, was the next logical brand extension for our portfolio,” states Howard.  Marketing Director, Maleah Gluck, confirms “My Skinny Senorita is a perfect complement to Howie’s Hot Shot Slammer.  We are striving  to corner the ‘mixer market’  by providing superlative ingredients for the world’s four most popular cocktails, Bloody Mary’s, Daiquiri’s, Margarita’s and South Florida’s unofficial cocktail, the Mojito. Our version has the fresh mint mulled right in the bottle”.


With distribution throughout the United States, the roll out of the Hot Shot Brand is straight forward.  “We bring to the market a consumable luxury at a cost that is accessible to everyone. With innovative, alluring packaging that includes a distinctive, non-breakable bottle combined with the highest level of craftsmanship and a taste that is indistinguishable from the sweet syrup recipes; style and substance are perfectly blended.” according to Guistolisi.


Spearheaded by Helphant’s team of industrial strength promoters and publicists combined the creation of visual assets by Vector International Pictures ( and a point of purchase rollout by Potions in Motion  ( a robust marketing campaign includes Skinny Senorita Blast Bars ™, tastings for the March of Dimes Chefs Extravaganza in September, a showcase at the luxury fashion and media confab, Funkshion/Miami Beach,an ongoing Beauty Bar in association with Dr. DiGeronimo Plastic and Reconstructive Medical Center and appearances in South Florida’s au courant clubs.  The makers are currently casting about for My Skinny Senorita Brand Ambassadors with a national talent search in the works. Visit for details.