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Segment 1 – After Oil – Powering the Future

Miami, FL – Who but the thinking impaired can ignore the prevailing headlines and reams of dire predictions that claim our world is imploding? Are we to live in a dystopian future described by the prescient poet T.S. Eliot, ‘This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world end’s not with a bang …….but a whimper’. Or as twenty-nine year old sound engineer, composer and social media guru, Giovanni Benjamin wonders out loud, “if our collective future is to smother ourselves in our own filth?”.


Mountain of Garbage.jpg“In order to feed the world’s insatiable addiction for fossil fuel energy, the current administration’s executive order required federal agencies to annul policies that protect our national parks and verdant land and sea reserves.

One energy crisis or another, has shadowed most of the last five decades. The OPEC crunch of the 70’s to sky rocketing gas prices in the oil rich Persian Gulf, Nigeria and Venezuela have exacted tolls that include countless civilian casualties. With the decimation of natural habitats giving way to perceptible seawater rise the evidence that humankind may go the way of a dinosaur’s blink may be irrefutable.

Or not? The impact caused by the miss management of the planet’s finite resources is no longer a matter of conjecture but of hard-boiled facts. The drilling and fracking of untapped tar sands and oil shale, the spewing emissions of carbon dioxide into the air we breathe, discarded plastic creating oceananic wastelands three times the size of Texas, melting glaciers and unbearable heat waves, we are witnessing in real time a perceptible rise in planetary anguish and spiral down of public confidence.

As the planet’s biodiversity is being depleted by one more short sighted policy we seem to be on a fast track to scraping the bottom of the planet’s barrel of natural resources,” says Victor Roman, who is a Consultant working with Alexander Capital’s Lead Investment Banker, Daniel Cannon, to promote and fund QCI’s Recycling Plants. “We are passionately committed to providing game-changing solutions for several of the world’s largest pollution problems”.  QCI’s group of companies have invented the only true clean sustainable patented and proprietary solution for this global problem forever. This is not just a pipe dream, the plants are up and running with investments being sought to scale their evolutionary recycling process. “Our ability to provide the best sustainability solutions for today’s world allows us to be zero-landfill capable with a zero-carbon footprint.  Simply said we are capable of recycling and harvesting every bit of trash down to its molecular level, for a zero sum waste equation,” says Victor from his post in Southern California. Read more.

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Segment 2 – Science Like Love Has An Inner Meaning

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Einstein_Nova Villanueva.jpg Miami/FL It was at the opening of the 1936 New York World’s Fair on a blustery stormy night that keynote speaker,Albert Einstein, an iconic celebrity due to his discovery of new physical realties on the grandest scale, stepped up to the microphone. He spoke against a backdrop of the largest flash of artificial light in history. A blinding explosion composed of contained cosmic rays radiatedin a 40-mile radius. To paraphrase Einstein, “If science, like art, is to perform its mission, its achievements must not enter the realm of elitist jargon. Science like love has an inner meaning and must enter into the consciousness and heart of all people. “

With the species of insatiable ‘Wall Street Dinosaurs’ on the list of endangered species it has become indisputably clear we cannot live without – air-water-safe habitats or an abundant food supply. These are the things that sustain the fabric of life and a future on the planet Earth. Everything else, whether short term convenience, greed, the amassing of wealth, and the negligible pleasure derived from throwaway goods pales in comparison with the specter we are facing as a species.

It was Marshall McLuhan, who coined the term ‘global village’ in 1964 in his ground breaking book ‘Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man’. The author proposed that the media, not the content that it carries, should be the focus. The media IS the message’ and ‘social’ media whether Facebook™, Instagram™, texting, or TicToc is seamless, omnipresent and allows its users to hide in plain sight. As witnessed by the recent mass hysteria that has occurred from the top down can you imagine if, we the people, would harness our universal voice for the good of all living species?

Statistics World Wide - Fatalities Corona Virus - Copy.jpg

With social media with the ease of travel, simultaneous translation software we have the power to link up our global village in real time. For the first time since our days as cave dwellers our species possesses the freedom and power to understand science and technology, like love, as a path to transcendence.

Ours is a voice that has the resonance to reach a collective crescendo. Where an open dialogue about building a better world crosses borders, social and economic strata and cultural diversity at mach speed. In terms of pleasure and living the “dolce vita” what is the difference between the uber wealthy whose measure of self worth is in an obscene display of automotive superiority or a sustainable Nissan Leaf ™ or a chauffeured Uber™ ride? They all get us from point ‘A’ to ‘D’estination with the two latter conveyances coming at you guilt free.

From Detroit to New Delhi and beyond we are witnessing the emergence of a unified global soul searching. There is a full scale reckoning of our place on this planet and in the universe where only love makes this vast emptiness bearable”. Opines Fraser Austin of dot. Community, “We are what we live. Let’s try something new: The haves and…the haves.”

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