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4 Beach Styling Tips for Summer Fun


When we think of summer fun, we envision ourselves lying on the beach in a breezy summer sundress sipping on a fruity drink with a paper umbrella nestled cozily inside the cup. Likewise, summer fashion is all about comfort, ease of wear, bright patterns and colors, and a natural-looking fresh face.

If you’re planning to hit the beach anytime soon, then follow these styling tips to help you look and feel your best in the summer sun.

Top Swimsuit Trends

If you’re in the market for a brand-new swimsuit this season and have a bold personality, then there are a couple of eye-raising trends you may want to try this summer.

The Monokini

A monokini swimsuit gives you the benefits of coverage and feminine appeal. A monokini is essentially a one-piece swimsuit with a dramatic, hourglass-shaped cutout silhouette on both sides of the waist. Most monokini swimsuits have full coverage through the seat and the bust areas—all of the sex appeal lies in the cutouts on each side of the swimsuit.


The Micro Bikini

If you are a little more bold and daring, then you can take advantage of this season’s single hottest swimsuit trend—the micro bikini. If you flip through any current fashion magazine, you will see dozens of celebrities and socialites rocking the micro bikini. This style leaves very little to the imagination.

You will have full front coverage in the bikini bottom, but only the very center of your backside will be hidden. The top is nothing more than a tiny triangle of fabric that will expose just about all of your breast with the exception of your nipple area. If you are proud of your body and do not mind all eyes on you this season, then the micro bikini may be your perfect summer swimsuit.

Mens Swimwear

The top swimwear trend for men this summer involves wearing anything neon. From cargo swimming trunks to swim briefs, rash guard shirts and graphic t-shirts, summer swimwear trends for men are getting a throwback to the 1980s.

Lightweight Summer Makeup

The last thing you want to have on your face in the warm months of summer is a thick layer of sticky sunscreen and full-coverage foundation. There’s a variety of natural makeup and sunscreen options on the market that will make you feel like you are not wearing any product on your body at all.

Many women prefer to showcase a fresh-faced look on the beach and are not worried about applying makeup. Others like to put on a little bit of foundation, lip gloss, and waterproof mascara before hitting the white sandy beaches.

Powder foundations and sunscreen are completely weightless and undetectable on your skin, and they give you all of the coverage and sun protection you would need while at the beach or the community pool.

Tinted moisturizer, with SPF, is a great choice for a two-in-one product that offers the benefit of sun protection alongside minimal coverage of sunspots, dark circles, blemishes, and uneven skin textures and tones.

Haute Summer Hairstyles

When it comes to styling your hair for a day at the beach, the sky’s the limit. If you desire more protection from the sun and are hoping to get some beachy waves, then wear your long hair down and flowing.

A messy bun will keep your hair out of your face while you are playing volleyball with friends and family, and it will keep your hair dry when you are in the water as well.

The classic ponytail is a perfect go-to style whether you are lounging in a beach chair or sipping cocktails at a cabana on the ocean. Summertime is the perfect time to try out a new bob or pixie cut. Both hairstyles are easy to wear and manage while partaking in all of your summer events.

Posh Beach Accessories

If you love taking selfies and snapping candid photos of friends and family while at the beach, then you want to look your best. With the right summer accessories, you can practically guarantee that you will look pulled together, chic, and posh in all of your memorable oceanside pictures.

A little straw wristlet will safely house your smartphone, credit cards, car keys, and lip balm. It’s also the perfect accessory to carry you from a day at the ocean to a nighttime barbecue and beach bonfire with friends.

A floppy straw hat not only elevates any beach look, it also helps to protect your face, head, and neck from sun exposure. A stunning pareo or wrap can be used as a sundress, swimsuit cover up, beach blanket throw, and a maxi skirt. It is one of the most versatile summer accessories you can own.

When paired with a simple pair of diamond studs, sleek aviator sunglasses and some rhinestone-embossed sandals, you will look refined, covered up, and elegant—whether you are hitting the boardwalk to shop, enjoying a drink and snacks at the beach-side cabana or going for a casual stroll on the wet sand.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are heading out for a couple of hours with friends or gearing up for a long, extended tropical getaway with family, the right swimsuit, makeup, sun protection, and accessories will keep you looking and feeling your best.

When most people head out for a day in the sun, they usually remember to pack their towels, extra water, snacks, an umbrella or beach chair, a change of clothes, assorted beach toys, and sporting accessories.

While all of these items are essential for a beach vacation, many people throw style out the window and choose not to pack beauty products, accessories and fashionable beach attire. Whether you are at the office, hanging out with friends, or lounging on the beach, you always want to look your best.

When you pack stylish accessories, pick up a vibrant new swimsuit, style your hair in a fashion-forward manner, and bring along a small cosmetic case filled with makeup essentials and sun protection, you will walk a little taller, be completely prepared for the day’s events and love how you look in all of your pictures.

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