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As Crypto Events in South Florida Proliferate Faster Than Pre-Covid CBD Expos & Mushrooms – The Palm Beach Crypto Experience & NFT Expo is Staged to Be Non-Fungible Triumphant

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Miami/FL As you read this on your laptop, phone, or tablet, you are unwittingly participating in the digital revolution, one of the most significant advances in business since Don Draper took up residence on Madison Avenue’s ‘Mad Men’.

For those thriving in the ever-expanding NFT universe or for all those artists seeking a showcase to exhibit, sell or buy non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), the Crypto Connect & NFT Expo is the place to be!”, according to Sylvia Brazil, online gallerist and art curator. She will be exhibiting on August 20th and 21st at the spacious Palm Beach County Convention Center in the company of 100’s of artists arriving from all four compass points. Sylvia alone is representing 60 + artists whose patrimony is the vast and variegated Brasil, a nation the size of most continents and one facing a grievous sense of planetary urgency.

The organizer and Crypto Connect & NFT Expo Founder, Scott Roseman confirms, “We are focused on creating a hands-on and interactive environment for our guests. Our Confab is where we can learn, educate, network and immerse ourselves in an unforgettable experience’.

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Scott exclaimed, “The big news experiencembracing kids whose generation was weaned on hand-held devices rather than stuffed toys and rattles. Our aim is our guests from ages 8 to 80 will conclude the weekend with a more cogent understanding of crypto currency, blockchain technology, virtual real estate, Web 3, NFTs and the Metaverse while having a ton of fun in the process!”.

Over 50 distinguished speakers, thought leaders in the NFT crypto space, a contingency of global companies underwriting the occasion and artists of all stripes will be on hand for facetime in lieu of Facebook™.

“Artists focus on one thing, that is, their creative drive and passion.” says Shelby Stone, who earned a Masters Degree in Theatrical Arts and is a recent inductee into the hall of the ‘NFT curious’. Musicians spend months on lyrics and harmony, architects belabor the most minute angle and artists obsess on where to place that last dab of paint or click of the mouse. Once the work is finished the real challenges enter the calculation; how to monetize the work? How to find an audience while protecting the provenance and appreciate its value in the future without going the way of Van Gogh or Basquiat?

In the past it was the gallerist, the curator and the auction house and more recently the interior designer that served as an intermediary between the artist and the collector. With the seller often retaining a disproportionate share of the transaction.

“With the advent of e-commerce and online marketplaces much of the ‘buy and sell’ of art evolved into the artist selling direct to the collector, harkening a next generation of exchange in art ownership and equitable compensation,” according to Sylvia Brazil whose online gallery offers NFT’s and original works. She says she lends a fraction of all her sales in the support of indigenous tribes in her native Brazil. She explains with the ascendance of NFT – or Non-Fungible Tokens- a robust layer has been added to the earning equation.

For all those wanting to by-pass the unintelligible current crypto jargon demanding no less than a degree in computer science; attendees at the Crypto Connect & NFT Expo are invited to take a deep dive and immerse themselves in a weekend of art appreciation in a post digital 21st Century. On display are gazillions of pixels in a myriad of hues and breathtaking colors. Experience in the now how digital currency is impacting the world of art by those who are on the bleeding edge of the NFT Universe.


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Sylvia goes on to describe her company as an international multilingual marketplace which promotes arts & cultures through A.I. technology. She confirms she donates 2% of all sales of the Art & NFT’s she represents to indigenous tribes in Brazil. Those very people who are undaunted by atomtronic technology who have demonstrated a dignity “that allows them to stand tall as individual humans in our daunting digital world”.

ArtBrazil® was created & trademarked by Silvia Brazil, in 2011 when she was inspired by the esteemed Miami Art Basel event. She is distinguished as a producer of international activations. She announced that Crypto Connect & NFT Expo will serve as the launching pad of the crypto Token called ART to support independent artists and social causes in Brazil. 

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At the outset of the 21st century there were great expectations for the new millennium. Advances in technology, medicine and communication on a global scale harkened well for all living beings. In hindsight the last two decades have been hindered by political divisiveness, economic strife, and a universal medical meltdown. Governments, mega corporations, and those driven by greed and avarice continue to consolidate their power. While ‘We the people’s’ trust in the institutions that were created to provide social stability continued to be undermined , diluted and squandered.

“Is it any wonder,” that the adoption of a new citizen-based currency is seeing an ascendance as a transactional system de jour”. States Kasta Crypto Currency Founder, Carl Runefelt who is advocating for a monetary exchange that reckons back to a time when tribes exchanged wheat for sheep and tokens of shells and stones served to facilitate transaction based on trust. “Our brave new world uses tokens that rely solely on peer to peer trustworthiness as a beacon of people seizing power with their pocket books and wallets?

The proliferation of crypto currency exchanges is in undeniable evidence at the over fifty events and expos that are being planned in 2022 -2023 in Miami alone.

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