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FLL Fashion Week – Westin Beach Resort – Was Bold-Bright-Breathtaking!


Ft Lauderdale / FLL Fashion Week took a twril around the world as the three day occasion unspooled  within the bespoke confines of the Ft. Lauderdale Westin Beach Resort Spa and Convention Ballroom.

Travel bans and burgeoning bigotry be damned! The 2nd iteration of  FLL Fashion Week was represented by over 25 nations from as far as Equatorial New Guinea, to the icescapes of Iceland and the Rain Forests of Brasil.


This the provenance of ‘Soul’ Premium Cachaca via Boston where company founder Mark Lester originates.  Here is a medical grade aphrodisiac that comes with its own ‘soul-full story’.

Festival Founder  and iconic beauty Florentina West was cool, calm & collected as she softly bounced about in form fitting sportswear making sure that all in the ‘back of the house’ and ‘the front’ were having a memorable occasion and in excellent spirits.  While 30 of Aveda Institute’s emerging top stylists and make up artists attended to a bevy of models courtesy of Sarah Triton, Erroll Lions, Next and Elite.

Here was an event ‘sans frontiers’ making one happy that fashion, as well as humanity, comes in all colors in the intricate web of life.  carpe diem!

Also taking a cue from the Spring Break revelry and a host of sleek and bronzed students converging on the adjacent Ocean Drive, FLL Fashion Week provided a myriad of reasons for taste makers, the media and mere mortals to reveal their most gorgeous self.  Book now for next year premiums and for special invitations to follow up gatherings for our inner circle of  friends and fashion innovators.
Under the direction of international beauty and entrepreneur, Florentina West, confirmed, “Everyone harbors a fantasy about what looks and styles best define them.  At FLL Fashion Week we will continue to focus on collections by emerging and established designers that make that fantasy attainable. In an age of post diversity, we defy stereotypes. We curate for an ultra inclusive generation, no matter their age.  Guests are invited to shed the winter doldrums and experience spring fashion, that is accessible and guests can actually envision themselves wearing.”


The three day confab combined surf & sand with fine dining at the Siren’s Table. Swimwear, resort, and haute couture collections by a growing group of emerging fashion designers Eldon, OMG , Lila Nikole designer bikinis, swimwear & resort wear inspired by Miami!, Karma Bikinis by Antje Karina Worring swimwear are unique,  beautiful, fair trade and affordable.  Also legacy brands that included Banana Republic – Men and BeBe will run the runway. Trend making footwear featuring Maker’s Shoes will accessorize the stylist’s ensembles.

With live performances by DeJah Roo, Jason Patrick, Alan Decker and special guest ‘Alex’ and Jasena Odell,  FLL Fashion Week featured three days (and nights) of continuous runway shows and memorable events.

Organizers resisted the prevailing sobriety and seriousness of the times for this stand alone Spring celebration.  Giovanni Benjamin, of the Fashion Bias, commented with a smile “FLL Fashion Week  was a glowing example of what happens when global connectivity, joy in tribulation, a fine appreciation of the creative spirit that goes into fashion becomes a celebration of diversity and a “runway” to a more peaceful world.” Over a thousand guests , exhibitors, fashion arbiters and media partners seemed to concur.
A speacial ‘thanks‘ ‘gratzie tanti’,  ‘obregado‘ and ‘merci!‘ goes out to the makers of premium
Soul Cachaca , Rum Barceló,  and Lolea Sangria.  For a taste of France demand the delectable melt-in-your- mouth Liberte yogurts from their  au courant collection of creamy flavors  Lavender, Sweet Cream, Mango and
tropical coconut.

Guests also received Beauty Bar-Lab & Lounge gifts, product demonstrations from Elixir of Life and   Luxus Med Spa   specializing top-shelf products. Expert consulting from Nayked Botanicals, Vasiliki Karlin and the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery  with Sharice Walfords multi-use from shower to runway hair  wraps and Audrey’s Curated Eco Jewelry Collection of stones shells and fine gems  there was a “must have” item for everyone.

Featured were the makers of simply the best, small batch, all-natural beauty and rejuvenation products available anywhere.   Neocorium, that has peaked the interest of Vanity Fair as the super advanced EGF (epedermal growth factor) stem-cell, anti-aging facial treatment is builing a SoFla representation funnel.  naykedbotanicals all natural-non toxic face, hair and body products are “so pure you can drink
them”. Personal Cell Sciences and Elixir of Life from the 5000 year old Baobab Tree provided transformative attributes for their legion of avid fans.

DellAnno Home Designs created furnishings and ambiance for the Beauty Bar Lab & Lounge

According to media partners Francois Huynh, Founder of Paris based AdAvenueGroup and Miriam Campos spokesperson  for MYBFTV, the 2nd Annual FLL Fashion Week has already earned a place in the pantheon of ‘must attend’ fashion and beauty gatherings.  As smaller events become the trend in avoidance of gridlock that accompany’s behemoths that include ArtBasil, CES, Magic Las Vegas,  New York Fashion Week and Miami’s own Swim Week, “this is a Fashion Festival deserving of a serious nod from fashion arbiters, discriminating buyers and fashionable Influencers from Miami to Milano.


About Aveda:  Aveda Institute of South Florida is not just a cosmetology school, taught by the industry’s leading professionals they assist in find ing your inner beauty within.


About Makers Shoes is based in Miami, which inspires their colorful creations and edgy styles. They aim to bring diversity to footwear fashions and offer the latest trends at affordable prices. This celebrity-loved brand features a variety of chic shoes sure to appease even the most discerning of tastes.


About Elixir of Life:
Be the first to experience the debut Elixir of Life Honey rich Crème.  Elixir of Life by L’Alchimiste provides luxurious products made out of the baobab tree, the tree of Life originated from Africa. That tree can live up to 6000 years, so imagine the properties that it has on your skin. Elixir of Life is highly selected in the health and wellness industry not only for the massage products but also the skin care. Elixir of life has been chosen by the American airline team to pamper their staff including pilots and flight attendants for the third consecutive year in honor of the WINGS event. Elixir of Life is available at five star spa, the Maui Spa in Boca Raton, voted one of the ‘top 10 Spa’s’ in Florida.

 About Neocorium: Clinical Grade Stem Cell Facial Treatment. A powerful, at-home, clinical grade EGF facial treatment for rejuvenating, detoxifying and restoring skin to its optimum health.  NeoCorium utilizes all-natural epidermal growth factorsessential amino acids, phospholipids & glycosaminoglycans; a top shelf product in a category of one.  With one of the highest concentrations of EGF and Stem Cells, Neocorium is available exclusively at For FLL Fashion Week attendees enter premium code ‘save100’.

About Personal Cell Sciences: Turns garbage into gold.  Developed by American Cryo Stem, John Arnone and Ann Waddell , the revolutionary ingredient behind U Autologous is the utilization of one’s  own stem cells derived from adipose tissue (fat) often as part of a simple Liposuction treatment.  . Through a unique combination of cellular research and the lab’s ability to extract and process the body’s stem cells Personal Cell Sciences is able to harness the power of these growth factors. Explore the process and science of using your own growth factors with Personal Cell Sciences, U Autologous skincare.  Demonstrations are being planned during FLL Fashion Week.

About  Belle D’Amour:  Prepare to enter a realm of fantasy, prepare to be amazed by the collections to be worn…indoors, outdoors and behind closed doors. Belle D’Amour was born from love and passion and wanting to create something that was sensuous, very sexy and provocative. without being gauche.  Woman of all shapes and sizes  revel in a new found confidence  and empowerment to be who they are.  Belle D’Amour is not meant to be worn, but to be experienced INTRIGUE – ENCHANT – CAPTIVATE



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