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Miami Beach/Miami, Florida  

Art Basel Miami Beach unveiled its 16th iteration of contemporary and modern wonders to the great, good and A List – savvy art world today – and fullfilled its ‘Sweet 16’  promise to be another spectacular year.

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Each year the emergence of younger galleries keeps the whole show on its toes as they compete for the attention of collectors with the old and grand collectibles in the most alluring of international art fairs and exhibits.  Art Basel-Miami /  Miami Basel manifests as where an ever-expanding band of curators and collectors come to meet, engage and plan further installations of new and exciting work.  The diversity of this event is shown in the ever present feeling that art as a collection is appreciated, adored, and treasured by those who find beauty in the beholder.

With great anticipation art collectors and curators packed  their bags and jetted of to Miami Beach for the Miami’s annual Art Week.  At the heart of this extravaganza is Art Basel Miami Beach, arguably the most important art fair in the United States.  There are plenty of other satellite fairs, exhibitions and parties happening around town. Below, we’ve rounded up five institutions worth skipping the parties for:

1. Cultural Traffic – MiMo

I caught up with creator Toby Mott to discuss his first time experience at Art Basel, “Cultural Traffic Miami is our debut print publishing arts fair during Art Basel Miami Beach. Our diverse list of independent exhibitors hails from across Europe and the USA.” Mott goes onto say, “The home for the fair is a former church in the MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District, and along with our partner, In Heroes We Trust, we will be working locally with EXILE Books, an experimental artist’s bookstore located in the Little Haiti neighbourhood of Miami. Toby Mott ads, “EXILE is dedicated to raising awareness about artists’ publications and serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and projects grounded in the spirit of collaboration.” The upbeat sounds from NWA Prince Nazel and mix of comedy show banter, art, culture, and cocktails kept this art exhibit hip and fresh for the newby on the art basel block.

Prince Nazel – former founding member NWA 

2. Daniel Stanford- Shore Club

Sourcing his inspiration from travel, spirituality and the radiant beauty found in nature, Daniel Stanford, a Montreal-based eclectic artist, is committed to creating art that stirs the soul. Renowned for his distinctive use of mixed media, Stanford’s expertise lies in presenting his unique vision by combining photography and natural elements such as wood, gold, pigments and precious metals. Tapping into mysticism, enlightenment and perspective, Stanford thrives on using his work to reflect and re-contextualize inner and outer beauty. This imaginative approach to his craft has served Stanford throughout his illustrious career, extending from artistic direction to painter and photographer. Stanford’s art was beautifully displayed on the iconic walls of the Shore Club. He unveiled his latest inspirational artistic piece in his collection entitled FASCINASIA. A true play on words as his travel inspired the mixed media seen here during our exclusive interview at Art Basel. Daniel revealed that the foundation of NFA plays a large roll in his decision to create the Lady Gaga inspired art for the unveiling at his showing. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga suffers from Fibromyalgia. The connection that Daniel felt strongly tied to as his own mother suffers from this nerve ending, at times, debilitating disease. I spoke with junior spokesperson Emma Taylor who is also affected by NFS and she says, ” it’s a silent torturing pain that no one can see and as of yet, no cure for”. Emma spoke eloquently of the plight that so many suffer from and applauded Stanford for bringing a national light and campaign to Miami Beach through his art work. Emma says, ” it’s nights like these that make the really tough days bearable. Knowing that there is a community out there that supports our mission to find a cure and to help so many effected leaves me feeling hopeful.”

​Emma Taylor – NFA spokesperson

3. The Bass

Installation view of Ugo Rondinone’s exhibition good evening beautiful blue at The Bass. Photography by Zachary Balber. (Photo: Courtesy of the artist and The Bass, Miami Beach)

After a two-year-long project , US$12 million renovation, The Bass museum reopened in late October. During art week, The Bass will host three solo exhibitions alongside several permanent installations. Spanning the whole of the second floor, Ugo Rondinone’s exhibition good evening beautiful blue is a particular highlight. Featuring installations, sculptures and video works, the show gives an insight into Rondinone’s work from the late 1990s to the present.

“good evening beautiful blue” is on at The Bass until February 19, 2018.

4. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami has just opened the doors to its new home, a 37,500-square-foot building in the heart of Miami’s Design District. Its inaugural exhibition, The Everywhere Studio, features more than 100 post-war and contemporary works, including pieces by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman, Dieter Roth and more.
The Everywhere Studio is on at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami until February 26, 2018.
Roy Lichtenstein, Artist’s Studio with Model (1974), oil and Magna on canvas. Collection of Irma & Norman Braman. (Image: Courtesy of The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami)

5. De La Cruz Collection

This 30,000-square-foot museum funded by Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz is currently hosting Force and Form, a showcase of more than 100 works by 48 different artists, including Salvador Dalí, Peter Doig, Dan Colen, Glenn Ligon, Wifredo Lam and more. Works by Albert Oehlen and Martin Kippenberger on show in the exhibition Force and Form at the De La Cruz Collection. (Photo: Courtesy of the De La Cruz Collection). Force and Form is on at the De La Cruz Collection until November 2018.