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Media Alert 2 ArtBasil An Oasis of Sustainability


Extinction Is Forever- As The Planets Lung’s Gasp For Air, Coral Reef Initiatives Take Center Stage At Wynwood Building Friday, Dec. 6th Press Reception & Artist Preview – A Compact Modular Home Reveal In Fashion Allapattah Design (FAD) Neighborhood And Sunday – December 8th At St Roch Market /Estefan’s Kitchen And The Palm Court Plaza – Miami Design District. Hosted In Part By Bath & Kitchen Boutique And Imed Advisory

by Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent – AdAvenueGroup – Forbes France

Miami/FL Coral Reef initiatives, marine conservation, celebrated chef showcases, affordable habitats from, sustainable couture fashion shows by Brinko Visual and Pangea Kali Vera along with a ‘Trunk Show’ by Miami Fashion Collectives’ Katelyn Conroy and Tatiana for the sartorial set are slated from December 6th to December 8th to coincide with the 18th iteration of ArtBasel-Miami. Admission is complimentary, with donations requested to include amuse bouche and libations. The proceedings will feature planet saving interactive panels organized in part by James Egas and Mo Hasan of IntuPower joined by Claudia Akel and Scarlett Arana of Social Impact Movement and Sustainable Development Goals. The program includes interactive engagement with forward thinking scientists, conservationists and mermaids.

Evan Snow, known for his underwater 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project , with deployment of 18 artificial reef sculptures offshore in Palm Beach County, unveils a submergible, seductive ‘Siren’ at the Palm Court in the Miami Design District on Sunday, December 8. Also ‘high’ on everyone’s list is the iMed Advisory Eco Lounge & Gifting Suite. Presided over by and Dr. Bastian Bartoli, Dr. John Maarouf, D.O., Dr. Zac Pillosoph, an Humanitarian Veterinarian, specialists in evidence based, transformational aesthetic, sports medicine and primary care for all.

Post Card Coral Reef.jpg The gold standard in organic CBD products will be onsite with Peter Hannah’s PCR Genix, a leader in CBD Research and Development, Amanda Jamerson of Kore Organic™ will be calming and soothing the frayed nerves of Basel guests. Jamerson, confirms “Kore Organics ™ of Summit Labs handcrafts their sublime ingredients in house. CGMP compliant, our portfolio is where greatness is overachieved from start to finish”. Earthy Creations ™ by Jasmine Yamini and Cold Fire Roasters CBD infused gourmet coffees’ will be sampled at the immersive iMed Advisory Eco Luxe Health & Beauty Retreat. Serving liquid ambrosia and packaged in a biodegradable returnable glass bottle, alkaline Holy Water, will premiere, “because it is good for you and for the planet” says maker Nick Lapato. Designer totes of hemp by the humanitarian organization, Freeset. org, will be available to all those making a donation to Social Impact Movement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

‘Jenergy’, will ramp up the ‘flow’ as this center stage free flow artist , fire dancer and model lights up the night with her spontaneous recitals on the Wynwood Press Reception, Friday Dec. 6, and the Secret Garden Party in the FAD Allapattha Neighborhood. By Invitation or Her movement art intends to inspire transformation within individuals and society. She recognizes that it is necessary to restore balance internally in order to create a sense of wellbeing and sustainability within our external environment.

Her dance invokes earth’s elements and portrays the pathway we can take out of traditional social programming into freedom of expression.  She has studied various modalities of dance along with yoga, qigong and energy healing to heal and expand herself and share this wisdom with others.

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