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New York Fashion Week Plays Homage to September 11th Soul Searing 15th Year Anniversary

by Cristiane Roget, Correspondent, a division of

NYC.New York/ Fashion Week 2016  un-spooled from September 8 to the 15th in an upheaval of pop up runways, salons, and disruptive sidewalk displays. Not precisely private, nor public, New York Fashion Week, has had the prescience to change with the times in a ground up to top down groundswell of unbridled creativity.


St Patricks Cathedral- Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, a horrific event we will all stop and reflect on once again. Photo by Michael Merrins

Set against a backdrop of heightened security preparations to commemorate those lost in the soul searing tragedy of  September 11th a decade and a half ago one could not escape the irony that many of the models (of questionable gender) strutting the catwalks were in Pampers those 15 years ago.


Navigating barricades, double parked armored Cadillac Escalades  surrounded the Arc Skylight at Moynihan Station.  A gauntlet of  T.S.A . types armed to the teeth with scanners manned multiple checkpoints while searching Birkin bags as a bustle of VIP guests gained entry to their preassigned seats. Each to take in the much anticipated AI Art Institute Annual Showcase, illuminating designs of the top 12 alumni in a graduating class of 2015.

With more or less three hundred fashion debuts criss crossing Manhattan a nod goes out to New York’s finest in blue, keeping the lid on tight in the City that never sleeps. Kudos also go out to the organizational skills of  The Bromley Group presided over by Heather Stein and Scott French where the enthusiastic entry of over a thousand fashionable guests was as smooth as silk and seamless as a blind stitch.

Is there anywhere that is not on camera? Smart phones, digital spotlight recorders in hotel lobbies, all forms of public transport and one can only guess where else. Selfie sticks, ubiquitous photographers and the paparazzi brigade digitize in real time New York Fashion Week for the world’s instant gratification.


Rene Mejia by Mickael Merrins

Today’s Fashion Industry immersed in the immediacy of  internet commerce and a consumer shift to see now-buy now shopping has taken the fashion proposition global. Arbiters have arisen from New York and LA to Shanghai, Paris , Milan,  Sao Paulo, Tokyo to Kuala Lampur as they migrate along the fashion circuit no one really knows where the next fashion innovation will appear.

Presaging department stores downward spiral and the boarding up of brick and motor retailers, attending Fashion Weeks is not an option for those in the ‘rag trade’ it is a survival tactic.

The annual event enters its 70th year and has morphed into an upheaval of see now – buy now curiosities on the net-à-porter. A conformist in a Rag & Bone Tshirt and G-star denims on an adjacent bar stool was over heard to pipe in, “that fashion today is whatever you want it to be. The days of design dictators have given way to ego-maniacs that design stuff that nobody would wear”. Ouch.

This is the land of the free, everyone is entitled to their opinion.