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Planning a Trip Across the Pond? Here’s a Fashion Cheat Sheet for Adventuring Abroad

Traveling from the United States to London can be a culture shock to an American who has never experienced London’s unique fashion sense. If you are headed over to the UK and do not want to stand out as an American of the unfashionable sort, this guide will help you understand the typical Londoner’s sense of style.

American Versus London Fashion

There is a distinct difference between the London sense of style and an American fashion sense. This is not to say that the residents of London have a superior style, but living in London offers access to many high fashion stores. The majority of Americans live in areas where the only shops nearby are typical national chains in shopping malls. To get access to all the best places to shop, look for a place to stay that’s central to London’s shopping district so you can expand your wardrobe and take a bit of the UK home.

American fashion tends to feature classic pieces that convey an underlying casualness. Think polo shirts, jeans, and brightly colored dresses. In London, the fashionable gravitate toward trendy, eclectic styles with a much more tailored feel. Pattern mixing, careful accessorizing, and unexpected layers are all typical of London dress. If you want to dress more like a Brit, try some of these recent and upcoming fashion trends fresh from the runways of fashion week.


Choosing clothing with airy, feminine ruffles with a lot of volume is very on trend in London this summer. Tailored dresses draped in ruffles, pencil skirts with a ruffle cascade and ruffled tops are perfectly of the moment fashion. To blend in, accessorize these feminine pieces as the native Londoners do with edgy elements like leather and metal.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a cool way to show that you are up to date on London style this summer. The midriff is back as one of the sexiest body parts to bare. The beauty of this trend is its versatility. Crop tops in a variety of textiles and construction showed up on the runways of London fashion week. A popular street style trend is to make your own with a cool shirt and a pair of scissors.

The Rainbow

London style has not been traditionally associated with color, but this fall you will be right on trend if you sport a rainbow from head to toe. Primary color bright rainbow striped trousers, coats and gowns will be fashion forward as the weather cools down.


If full body rainbow is too much for you, you can still stand out with a sprinkle of sequins. This look, while still eye catching, is more demure. An all sequined jacket or dress will put you squarely on trend in London this autumn.

Use this guide to flaunt your London style, or just add some of these elements to your existing style to feel more at home. However you choose to incorporate these trends, you are sure to find some London looks that capture your fancy.