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A Non-for profit, part of the proceeds from  honored Vip Guest Passes to inside Swim Week Events, Underwriter Donations and Sponsorships to be donated ‘Climate Refugees II, Director Michael Nash  +Executive Producer’s George and his son Leonardo DiCaprio joined by Laura Cox  and Diane Kelly , PR.

by Cristiane Roget, – Global News Aggregator

Miami Beach/FL. Fashion Designers, Apparel manufacturers both large and small, whole- sellers and retail purveyors are grappling with the immeasurable impact the “fast fashion” industry has on the environment.  The U.S. Geological Survey finds that 71% of microplastics found in river water samples and 35% in oceans can be traced to textiles, making apparel the planet’s largest source of microplastic pollution. According to data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of clothing and footwear discarded by North Americans alone each year continues to balloon from around 1.4 million tons in 1960 to over 13 million tons in 2018 with most of it ending up in smoldering landfills.

The glut of imported mass-produced clothing has created an obscene 300 billion dollar a year industry that perpetuates waste, bulging garbage heaps and abuse of labor.  Cultural and individual expression in attire has been supplanted by the proliferation of homogeneous shoddy goods. The shipping and freighting of mass produced clothing joins planet’s most egregious polluters.

Antonio Banderas, honorary president of Miami Fashion Week, said succinctly said at a pre-pandemic press conference, “Responsible consumers are ethically bound to follow the thread to the source of our attire”.  Begging the questions, ‘What is the fabric and dyes composed of? Are the makers paying a fair living wage or perpetuating modern slavery and horrific abuse of children and adults in locked down sweat shops? Are we prepared to pay more, recycle, upcycle and demand quality workmanship in lieu of cheap wearable junk? Will citizens exercise the power of their pocketbook and wallets by boycotting brands that are greenwashing their claims?

Love Consciously, Vector International Pictures and  Sustainable Fashion Week US and Manuela Escobar Productions rare proactively bringing answers and solutions to these questions at the 2nd Annual Sustainable Swim Week International Miami. Coinciding with the venerable Miami Swim Week, S² is staging consecutive runway shows, a daily wellness and transformational retreat, pop up shops and, an all-natural beauty lab.  The Love Consciously Retreat unspools at the Kimpton Angler’s Hotel (and oasis) at 660 Washington Avenue, South Beach, FL 33139 every morning and on Sunday, July 17 presided over by Shelby Stone.

Designers of hand tooled exotic luggage and accessories (Tote N’ Carry), swimwear lines fashioned out of textiles made of Italian fishing nets or discarded plastic bottles from Sage Le Rock, Tiki Yogi, Bikini Beach Australia and Anicy Manuguian of Chile or the tribal hand loomed resort, wraps and home accoutrements of Rebecca Murphey’s Aessai have been or will be on the runway at S²  Tayo Ishola of Eido with the Wonder Woman Initiative presents more than a fashion show. “We make our voices heard with the intent to uplift, inspire, and inform!” she confirms.

Rick Davy, of BK Style Foundation – Sustainable Fashion Week US is slated to present on the catwalk emerging and established designers, Monday, July 18.  The opening reception, buyer and press conference on July 14, ‘Crypto, Couture and Cocktails’ is hosted in part by The Kimpton Angler’s is the ‘go-to’ Swim Week destination. “Pop up shops with trunk sales, reveals of new collections and liquidations, a day spa with groundbreaking all natural treatment demonstrations and a gifting suite invites guests to indulge in some stress-free face time,” confirms Ajay Pama, CEO of GameFi.

According to Shelby Stone, S² II Co-Producer, “Sustainability is playing a more fundamental role within the Fashion Industry. Companies are integrating the philosophy of ‘doing business for the greater good’ into their core culture”.  Apparel makers are moving beyond building strictly short-term shareholder value to a form of effective altruism.  The 2rd Annual Sustainable Swim Week Int’l Miami is  a collaborative endeavor melding designers, ethical buyers, environmental activists, artists, philanthropists, mind and body experts, crypto innovators and visionaries.  Each distinguished guest sheds an illuminating light on how to salvage what’s left of our personal and planet’s resources”.

“Sustainability is no longer considered a mitigating burden, business liability or threat of government sanctions,” say’s Trend Terrace CEO Theresa Metzler.  CEO’s are leading from behind, intent on reducing pollution and lessening environmental impact. Embracing eco and ethical protocols have become a ‘must’ in doing business. Recycled materials are everywhere, from Zero + Maria Cornejo’s collaboration using Hyundai’s leftover car seat material to refashion into a  capsule collection to Stella McCartney’s use of recycled polyester and plastics alongside organic cotton.

Annette Bibby Oliver, a global leader in Fashion Show production and brand manager for plant based  Tote N’ Carry, Alister Mekhai The Brand, Lisa Nicole Collection Couture Gowns among many others confirms, “the buying habits of our demanding clientele is more expansive.  Of course, purchases are still predicated on what a design looks like and the quality of the workmanship. More than ever before empathy, ethical treatment, environmental impact and the composition of the fabric enters into the buying equation”.

New to the schedule is a plan to pick up the pieces, plastic, Styrofoam and garbage that  blights so much of Florida’s coastlines and neighborhoods.  Participants in Sustainable Swim Week Int’l Miami S² , will meet in the  Lobby of the Kimpton Hotel at 10am on Saturday July 16.  The destination is a stretch  of beach near 6th  Street and Ocean Drive 33139.  

Leading the charge is Garret Nathan, the inspiration behind Better Days Foundation, an Ocean  conservancy and recent participant in the 3rd Annual World Record Great Beach Cleanup where 73 miles of beach were cleaned in a single afternoon. ‘Pick up the Pieces’ will be followed by an engaging panel taking a deep dive into how  individuals and communities can help protect and restore species and their habitats while mitigating human activities that include over fishing , habitat destruction, and  sun screen that does not have oxybenzone that is bleaching and killing our coral reefs, the planet’s lungs.  Pick up the Pieces is honored with the participation of the Betters Days Foundation, Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Rescue Alliance, Volunteer , and the Int’l Seakeepers Society and Nayked Botanicals, creators of Nayked Botanicals sunscreen without oxybenzone and titanium dioxidenon- that is bleaching the  oceans lungs , the coral reef.

S² II and similar sustainable fashion showcases such as Vegan Fashion Week and Planet Fashion TV Fashion Shows and INTERFILIÈRE are fashion warriors leading the way…..  Apparel makers, brick & mortar buyers, as well as the media are marshalling a broader social will. “Any internet search of Swim Week one discovers that the theme of saving ourselves (and by default saving our planet) is becoming a hand in glove fit,” according to Kacie of Pure Lorraine.

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”—Rachel Carson, biologist, author

Cristiane Roget – Press & Media Relations

Shelby Stone
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