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Swim The Globe made a splash at Miami Swim Week

On July 11th-14th Swim The Globe made a splash at Miami Swim Week with beautiful prints, sultry swimwear, international designers, and a variety of musical acts and pop up art and wellness products. At the opening night soiree on Thursday, guests mingled under the tent, sipped Volcanic Vodka cocktails and were photographed with giant butterfly wings and with the step and repeat.

The shows that took place Friday included a poolside show by Peruvian brand Nalla Swim at 4pm followed by a 7pm Runway show by Mister George Collection (Artist) and a 9pm Runway show titled Greatest Luv by Viggo Fashion. Saturday included a 4pm Poolside show by Paul + Rade, a 7pm Runway (Group Show) with Plenilunio Brand by Colombian Designers Maria Antonia Jimenez and Valeria Resterpo, EK Dezotiby African designer Eryck Dezotiand Paul + Rade by Brazilain Designer Bruna Andrade and Los Angeles native Paul Hugo as well as a 9pm Runway Group Show Presented by The Coleman Group including Maly Swimwear, Ankara Delights and Versa-Lux by Florentina West, founder of Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week.

On Sunday at 7pm, the event came to an end with an Emerging Designer Showcasewhich included Sol + Sorbet by Gina Kravitz, Bikini Me Crazy and Abacaxi Keeni by Brazilian Designer Lana Meduric with the 9pm Closing Show featuredCioccolatoCouture by Eastern European Influencer/Designer EliyaCioccolato

Please find photos of the event here:

A Morning Wellness Pavilion was held Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-Noon with various product samples, pop-up shops and giveaways including Uberlube, Dermagym, Nalho, Istanbuleros and Velvet Sunglass presentations on Skincare, Health & Wellness and Yoga presented by Synergy Yoga at 10AM.  Daily Pop-up shops featured luxury eco friendly collections from the swim designers and sustainable products that included the launch of Butterfliyz all natural skin, hair and body products ,  Great Leaf CBD based products, promising a new leaf on life, representatives from Medical Innovations Group , Nayked Botanicals‘  Vasiliki Karlin followed by a boisterous pool party produced by Fran DeLour  Move The World Project from Noon-6PM.

The event unspooled at the newly renovated Sagamore Hotel, known as the premier Fashion-Music-Art Hotel of Miami Beach, and the only hotel to have its own curator, Sébastein Laboureau, involved prominent street artists. Swim The Globeincluded a live mural painting by Mister George (George Nicolas Nader), nephew of renowned art dealer and owner of Gary Nader Art Center in Wynwood, Gary Nader.  Additional art pieces by SkottMarsi were on display in the tents for all 4 days.

The Influencer Lounge was hosted in the cabanas by Paul + Rade based in Los Angeles, ReálSangria and Viblok from Noon-6PM. Special raffles, swag bags and give-aways took place poolside on Saturday. Music Director Frank Delour’s Move The World Project hosted an array of chill DJs from his days at Cove in the Bahamas.

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BUTTERFLIYZ ™ is thrilled to announce our Brand New Cosmeceutical Skincare Line! Sustainable Swim Week is honored to be the site of the global launch of Butterflyiz, a portfolio of products, focusing on five key areas: Acne, Anti-Aging, Sensitivity, Damage and Exfoliation.

The founder of Butterfliyz  is an esteemed steward of the unique environment that has nurtured living beings for eons.  Butterfliyz’ creator and her colleagues in concert with a growing movement of conscious human beings are dismayed and actively resisting the decimation of our environment to the detriment of all our planet’s inhabitants.  Butterflyiz’ collection of products and their time tested formulas by Vasiliki Karlin are safe, non-toxic, 100{f75c36d1f1337d8cece1f1d43e8d8bbbcba1411670afbb75e82d6c326a90a2b7} vegan, not tested on animals, and free from Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Formaldehyde, Petroleum by-products, Alcohol, PEG & TEA and GMO’s.  They are so safe one could drink them, though this is not recommended.

Butterfliyz are manufactured for Allay Pharmaceuticals, LLC and follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulatory guidelines to ensure their quality, purity, and strength. Manufactured in the USA  ensures efficacy, freshness and stability.  And also  resuces the waste of shipping costs .

As a 2019 Climate Force 2041 Global Ambassador, Allay Pharmaceuticals, LLC is working towards a sustainable future. We are ending the stigma that goes along with Pharmaceutical companies by helping the environment and doing our humble part to help save the planet.  The makers will be on hand for experiencing demonstrations, interviews and photo opportunities.

Executive Producer and Los Angeles based co-founder of Green Alliance International, Brigitte Perreault states  Ignyte TV  will complement her ground breaking Ignyte Magazine ( interactive magazine and an online eco friendly emporium of bespoke products and services in the works.


Great-Leaf, will be on the beach presenting the  purest and sustainably produced hemp at venues throughout South Beach, guerrilla style. The makers  claim “it is the purest on the planet”.  When asked why they delved into the wellness business years ago long before it was the flavor trend of the month,  according to Matthew Rose and Josh Wagschal whose growing portfolio contains what evr ails you “Was to promote healthier , mind , body and spirit.”  Distributed to health and wellness practices that pecilize in functional and naturapathic medicine  under the brand name Cannexium © and to  the public as Great-Leaf, pass by the  Swim the Globe Eco Lifestyle Lounge for a complementary infusion.

All Great-Leaf CBD products are rich in beneficial cannabinoids such as

  • CBD (Cannabidiol),  • CBC,  •CBG,  •Many other beneficial phytocompounds, as well Nano Emulsification which allows the skin to absorb 50{f75c36d1f1337d8cece1f1d43e8d8bbbcba1411670afbb75e82d6c326a90a2b7} more cbd then a full spectrum or basic 0{f75c36d1f1337d8cece1f1d43e8d8bbbcba1411670afbb75e82d6c326a90a2b7} thc cbd sublinguals.

“All of our products have been 3rd party lab tested to ensure consistency and quality no matter which item you incorporate into your life,” according to Matthew Rose. It is our promise that you can trust each and every one of our products are crafted with love and care, every step of the way. Discover The Great Leaf Standard and experience a “New Leaf on Life”.

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce  Vasiliki Karlin and her groundbreaking, proprietary formula for sunscreen.  It has been certified to be completely coral reef safe and friendly.  She has developed the solution to counteract the escalating ban on sunscreens that are taking the rock bed of life, living coral reefs and poisoning them into planet sized,  otherworldly grave yards. We at Nayked Botanicals would like Hawaiian Tropics and their subsidiaries to be the FIRST to consider our FDA formula for non-toxic, vegan sunscreen. Are you listenng  Ron Rice?

Vasiliki’s portfolio of 27 Hair , Skin and Body Products are distributed by physicians, med-spas and resorts around the world.  They are also available for private label.  All of the ingredients are 100{f75c36d1f1337d8cece1f1d43e8d8bbbcba1411670afbb75e82d6c326a90a2b7} Vegan, non-toxic and purely organic.   It has no petrolatum bi-products, no mineral oils, no parabens and most important NO oxybenzone and octinoxate like most commercial sunscreens on the market.  As you know most of the current sunscreen formulas are being banned or outlawed all over the world!

Her coral reef friendly formula is available for licensing, sale or private label.  She would like to include you in any transaction that would ensue.  Please have Mr. Rice’s R&D Person or department contact us immediately so we can help this innovative company get ahead of the curve!

VICTORIA DIAZ Design Located in the heart of the Wynwood Art District,  Victoria Diaz Designs will be creating the captivating ambiance at the Swim the Globe Wellness Hub, Activation and Lab. “Our team strives in excellent solutions for beautiful functional design of spaces allowing affordability to everyday living. We specialize in creating memories in gathering space like your kitchen, the heart of the home.” she said.

SevenSeas Swimwear is @sevenseasswimwear_ On there you can see my whole new collection called Med Luxe as well as my first collection the Bali Basics.

Nina Salci is a Miami based designer who created SevenSeas Swimwear with ocean conservation in mind she envisioned before jumping into the increasingly competative swimwear pool thaat she wanted to have a sustainable swimwear company. All of Salci’s fabrics are made from regenerated fishing nets arriving from Italy.  She has a  team of seamstresses in Bali who make her designs come to life. It’s is Sevenseas goal to create swimwear that makes ALL women of ALL body types feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

The Joseph P Cory Foundation is registered 501(c)(3) organization started in 2015. Since our inception we have planted Gardens of Hope, providing community food sources, garden/farm to table/ nutrition education, and environmental science experiences; all in the name of wellness and wellbeing. We engage local schools for stewardship, and rely on the support and collaboration from the School District of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation, and our donors. All foods grown are donated to the schools or the underserved community. In addition we host JOPCO Consortium of Health and Wellbeing and its Speakers Bureau; comprised of health and wellness experts representing their respective fields, products, protocols and services. The Foundation’s alternative/integrative medicine Online Video Library, educates and empowers the community and beyond, to sustain a healthy life. Finally, our “Pay it Forward” Essay Scholarship for students, who describe how their gardening experiences have impacted them, thus creating better wellness within themselves and for their families.

Our Ultimate Island Cause initiative helps spread awareness about responsible tourism, so that generations of future visitors may experience the beauty of a healthy island ecosystem.” says Faircloth.

Website: https://www.ultimateislandguide.comInstagram: images and more info email: mike@ultimateislandguide.comTo list an island event or business go to:

FAIRWIND HOTEL  Royal Stays Miami

After parties are scheduled at South Beaches’ answer to AirBnB.  The refreshed and refined Fairwind Hotel Miami, part of the Royal Stay’s Miami Hotel & Resort Group with a breathtaking 360 panoramic view will host. The downstairs, password protected club ‘La Sombra’ lounge is the de rigueur last stop into Swim Week’s wee hours.  And for the fashion famished ‘La Sombra’ serves up an “eclectic global fusion selections,” according to Francesca Costa, Director of  Events.

FREE SET PROVIDERS of the Gift Bags , Special Thank you to Carl.  The Founders of Freeset Global belive – Every person needs a community to belong to. At Freeset, they live in communities marked by extreme poverty and vulnerability. Our people are world-battlers, fighting daily for the good of their families and neighbors. We want to see freedom prosper in our communities, with every person having a chance to not only feed and clothe themselves but ultimately reach their full potential.

Freeset began in Sonagachi, one of Asia’s largest red-light areas with ~10,000 sex workers, many of whom were taken from homes in villages and communities across West Bengal. Our women hoped for something better. Through jobs at Freeset making bags and tees, we worked to build new homes and a new community of freedom in Kolkata.

In 2014, our women started dreaming about returning to their ancestral homes, so we visited communities in the Murshidabad district (rural West Bengal) and now have two new businesses in strategic locations. We’ve seen some of our women return home to work in these businesses. Better still, through our presence we’re helping communities ensure their daughters are never trafficked away.

Endorsed by Green Alliance.International coalition,  the adhoc group is committed to the long haul of saving our planet for future generations. “We are not sprinters , we are running the survival marathon”,  Alex Veranos, Founder of FoodFob and Invest Direct.

CALF Boutique @ARTgalori -The Gallery – 164 NW 20th Street, at the entrance of Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL 33127 opened by artist Ori Gal – a boutique supporting young artisans in the fields of fashion,  jewelry and accessories.  CALF is dedicated to presenting unique one of a kind pieces.  Sustainable Swim Week activities included an immersive diner hosted the Mood.Swim  with BTP (Black Tape Project).  Guests included local and visiting artists photographers designers and models, was one of those “secret “have to be at” events. Ori Gal said “it’s beautiful and inspiring to share encourage and empower young artists in all fields, spirits focused and dedicated to their crafts of creation. That’s what ARTgalori-the gallery is a home for.”


Photos @ecoworldluxury @sustainableswimweek  or

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Photo by Adanya Pereira, available for castings.  Saving the Planet, Stylishly.  It is only natural.