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Top 4 Clothing Brands For Peacoats


The peacoat never goes out of style. It’s a fashion choice that screams proper British sensibility, but the combination of refined style and high-level comfort makes it a versatile accompaniment to any winter or fall ensemble. Many manufacturers are offering their own unique spins on the peacoat, and between the designers on offer, you’re sure to find something that matches your personality. Here are some of the best.


Courtesy of Shop Canoe Club

Peacoats may evoke a traditional British style, but that doesn’t mean they hold exclusive cultural rights to this classic and universal style. Based in Japan, Tomorrowland has 30 years of experience crafting finely fashioned peacoats, and their sharp eye for craftsmanship is evident in every coat they produce. These are coats that are respectful of the past without being beholden to outdated traditions. A focus on unusual materials and unique interiors adds a whimsical flair to the peacoats in their collection. It’s easily one of the most innovative and experimental peacoats you’ll find today.

Brooks Brothers

The Brooks Brothers name is synonymous with simplified refinement. They strip their design sensibilities down to the basics, offering a traditionalist look that is certain to never go out of fashion. Made of wool to ensure a coat that will keep you warm and last through multiple seasons, the devil is in the details with the Brook Brothers peacoat. That’s reflected in the anchor-design buttons and the classic nautical design.

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New Look

While New Look specializes primarily in stylish and comfortable women’s clothing, they also offer a small but formidable male collection that includes a reliable peacoat. Performance is the name of the game where New Look is concerned. Their coat is crafted out of a specialized wool blend that’s built to keep you warm in even the coldest weather. The internal pocket lining provides an additional layer of protection when frigid conditions hit.

River Island

Courtesy of River Island

The peacoat was born in England, and it’s fitting that London has produced one of the best options of the season. River Island has been delivering high street fashion to the masses for forty years, and they’ve clearly spent their time perfecting that technique. Their signature peacoat isn’t as heavy as many of its competitors, but it offers a great mid-weight option that blends form and function seamlessly. The faux fur collar lends an added level of panache to the coat.

While there are a lot of options to choose from, you can trust that whatever choice you make, you’ll receive a quality product. These peacoats are some of the top choices around, regardless of your personal sensibilities. For more on wearing clothing apparel, check out our other articles!