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Turbulent Times Spark a New Approach to Publicity and Press Campaigns Where the Story Matters More than Ever


Miami/FL  From February to July 2018 event organizers, sponsors and guests will be treated to Fiveofficial Fashion Weeks with galas and continuous runway showcases spanning the globe.  The launch of Five for Five ™,will showcase sponsors’ brands,  messages and trademarks to coincide with Five International Fashion Weeks  set to unspool with brand activations and targeted press and media campaigns.

Five for Five ™ was formulated  by the influential consultancy VIP/AdAvenueGroup  to address a world where consumers are inundated with information.  “We help event planners and guests alike sort through a great deal of information efficiently and effectively,” says Andrea Guardino, California based VIP/AdAvenueGroup  Account Executive.  “This includes publicity and media alerts aggregated by news powerhouses.  Five for Five is  joined by VIPictures,  an innovative brand building public relations collective in association with LSD Productions with red carpet spokesperson Lisa Sussman from their offices in Paris, Los Angeles, Houston and Florida’s Palm Beaches,” confirms Guardino.

It is a truism of business-book thinking that a company’s brand ‘ is its most important asset’ more valuable than its technology, patents of manufacturing prowess.  Yet trademarks have never been more fragile.  With the boarding up of brick and mortars, fracturing of the marketplace and much savvier consumers;  we have become wary of the proliferation of false claims.  The  ongoing repetition of the sponsors message integrated into a true and engaging story matters more than ever.

Exclusive Participation in 5 Global Fashion Weeks provides an unparalleled opportunity to showcase  sponsors brands -products – fashion collections and company from March to July of  this year as the key to being ‘Seen – Heard & Understood’  over a prolonged period of time an additional hedge on creating customer loyalty.

Five For Five provides the perfect pushback for an exclusive host of sponsors, designers and brands that plan to participate in the five month, fully integrated and targeted press campaigns.  Also tailored to the sponsors specifications are on site activations, bespoke printed collateral, photo opportunities with celebrities and targeted sales initiatives.  Five for Five coincides with Five Top Tier Fashion Weeks featuring Ft Lauderdale Fashion Week in March to Cannes Fashion Gala in May,  Miami Fashion Week with Antonio Banderas and Julio Iranzo in June,  Miami Beach Swim Weekin association with Showroom -305 in mid July and a grand July finale in Medellin, Colombia for Moda Fashion Week.

Francois Huynh, co-founder of VIP/AdAvenueGroup confirms, “the formation of Five for Five consolidates five stand-alone events with an ongoing media campaign and brand showcase under one breath-taking banner!  We have worked hand-in-hand with the Fashion Week producers since 2015. It is our intent to woo distracted and often jaded top tier guests to further brand loyalty and increase the profitability of the organizers endeavors.  The transition from ‘one off’ initiatives to an ongoing five months of press and publicity collectively strengthens and leverages the event , sponsors and underwriters visibility.  We brings their message consistently to our base of 1.8 million news evaluators, editors, bloggers,  influencers and business associates. With well-timed updates, the ongoing and developing story is a win-win for all involved.

“By partnering with Five for Five the sponsors, underwriters and brand activators substantially reduce their media allocations and fiscal investment with a five month bundle of cross plat- formed  promotions to assure optimal returns.  Repetition of the brand message is framed at A List events to a top drawer and targeted audiences, special guests and celebrities.  The heretofore elusive Press Corp that comprises over 75,000 fashion, luxury, philanthropic correspondents and news writers can only help to respond.” says the ever upbeat Florentina West.

Five for Five launched Monday – February 5 to advance the city wide sanctioned Ft Lauderdale Fashion Week, March 15-17, produced by the alluring Florentina West and business entrepreneur and partner Grant West. Five for Five crosses the Atlantic in May to be present  at the 71st Festival de Cannes for a haute couture International Gala dinner produced by Andres Aquino at the Carlton Hotel.  Aquino is a master showman best known for New York International Fashion Week at the Crown Plaza.  Returning to sunny environs, Lisa Sussman, segment producer will take to the Red Carpet to interview Five for Five VIP guests at Miami Fashion Week set to un-spool May 30 under the direction of Julio Iranzo and Antonio Banderas, who assumed the mantle to further their philanthropic endeavors.

“Fashion will then ‘Swim the Globe’ during Miami Beach Swim Week, July 12-15, in association with Jennifer Sclafani’s Showroom-305 presenting 8 distinct collections to a cadre of domestic and international buyers.  The highlight of Five for Five will be the foray to Colombia Moda Fashion Week in Medellin  July 24-26, an event that draws from an international set while advancing the robust textile and fashion community, ” confirms Zoraya Jelke-Gomez.

A proprietary Eventbrite API integration, a global leader in selling event tickets and promoting events is also integrated into Five For Five.  Corporate brands and event planners can now take advantage of the award-winning Invite The Media platform, which boasts  a targeted database of 1.8 million journalists, news reporters, and content producers.  Invitations (printed and online) are sent to the local and captivated media, targeted to magazines,  bloggers and influencers who in turn promote our events. “We also target social media, calendars and on target media outlets,” says Kacie J. Lives, California VIP/AdAvenueGroup liaison.  “The Five for Five platform and its functionality is designed to shine the media limelight on these international Fashion Weeks and their participants translating into increased commercial value and tractable R.O.I.”.

François Huynh, Invite The Media’s © CEO & Founder, confirms “We have designed Five for Five as a shiny new tool to add to the wheelhouse of event producers and sponsors empowering them to break through a distracted and saturated audience while promoting Fashion Weeks that complement the sponsors message in a simple, time-saving manner.”