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Youa Group, LLC an International Consortium and Pop Culture Newbies aim to Put Down Roots in the USA with a special debut appearance at the Premiere Miami Crypto Experience and The World’s First NFT Art Exhibit

A pinspot Cristiane Roget_Covid Head Shot.jpgSubmitted by Cristiane Roget. Sr. Correspondent, AdAvenueGroup- Forbes France

Miami /Florida- May 5, 2021/ For those with a finger on the pulse of global trends the ascendancy of Asian pop culture in music, feature films , television , video games , investments in proprietary crypto tokens and NFT’s comes as no surprise.

One short decade ago, China’s entertainment titan Dalian Wanda Group purchased AMC Theaters to become the world’s largest theatrical chain. Consecutively they inked multiple co-production deals and purchased a majority share in Legendary Entertainment the production company behind Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and Jurassic World. Their strategic alliance went on to produce a slate of films with the March 31 release of Godzilla vs. Kong and Dune waiting in the wings for an October 1, 2021 release. Quipped Holmes Stoner , Founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council who was in the room when the Wanda – AMC deal was signed , “The Wanda Group wanted to learn USA style film production and film distribution. What better than from those who set the gold standard in Hollywood?”.

Not to be outdone by the United States’ cavalier safeguarding of the corporate bottom line, Wanda surrendered it’s majority stake in AMC’s theater chain this year citing $4.6 billion USD in losses due in large measure to the shuttering of theaters in adherence with Covid-19 super spreader precautions.

The culture boom originating in Korea and China continues unabated. Companies such as Youa Group, LLC are embracing enormous opportunities in the entertainment arena especially those subsidized by crypto currency exchange from their USA office in Manhattan and headquarters in Seoul, Korea and Beijing, China. Undaunted by Wanda and AMC’s reorganization , Youa Group, a global conglomerate of diversified corporations is demonstrating a rising appetite to collaborate in the acquisition in or investing their assets in the leisure, entertainment and cinema realm. Unique to Youa their aggressive entry into the USA entertainment market will be underwritten in part by proprietary crypto currency .

The bridging of America and Asia was further in evidence last year. Bong Joon-ho’s award winning “Parasite”; received a double whammy as recipient of the Palme d’Or at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and the first non – English language film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. This timely and wickedly humorous suspense movie serves as a poignant observation about the growing disparity between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’ On a lighter note, boy band sensation BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ blasted to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and 1.5 billion Youtube views, secures Korea’s vaunted position in the celebrity pantheon .

Nomadland Director , Chloé Zhao made history on Sunday, April 25 by becoming the first woman of color and first Chinese woman to win the Best Director Academy Award. Starring Francis McDormand and many itinerant ‘houseless’ Americans eking out a living in their vehicles this 21st Century Grapes of Wrath reduxe is distinct from the 19th Century Dust Bowl Depression. The new subculture is not bound “Westward ‘Ho!” for a state of milk , honey and oranges the size of box cars. The ‘houseless, ‘stateless’ and an increasing marginalized population of USA today , as the Nomandland depicts are adrift. They are the hopeless carnage of an unsettled and unhinged nation on a long road to nowhere.

Youa Group’s embrace of crypto backed entertainment investments is prescient. Given the spate of Anti-Asian hate incidents in the last few months their pushback is palpable. Rather than shying away, the nascent company is leaning in. “Recognizing we are part of a shared humanity, we like many, are countering discrimination with initiatives that embrace both the public and the private sector. This is especially in evidence in our Educational oriented Philanthropic Foundation, FSUS.” confirmed a Youa Group spokesperson.

By embracing peer-to-peer businesses transactions on trust based crypto currency signals one more lighteningina bottle, post pandemic moment. “Our plan is to leverage our associates and partners prominence in China and Korea with plans to overhaul and reorganize our international conglomerate,” confirms Vice President of Youa Group, Yuting Ren. The comely , Ms. Ren also serves as Chairwoman , Asia Pacific of the Harvester Trust and heads the Foundation for the Support of the United Nations  (FSUN-UNO). “At Youa success is more than numbers on a spreadsheet. We are striving to foment positive change in a shared humanity using the universal language of film, video gaming, and the visual arts as our medium”.


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Cristiane Roget -Sr. Correspondent-


photo by John Thomas Evans – Monogram.Travel and Brandon Taylor – Goose Park Productions

Yuting Ren-VP Youa Group – Beverlee – Kristan Schwachter, the rewired mind and Jennifer Sclafani, Swim the Globe